Agnes Wilson: (H.E.R. R&B Singer Mother) – Age & Family

Agnes Wilson (H.E.R. R&B Singer Mother) - Age & Family

Agnes Wilson, born on May 2, 1973, in Vallejo, CA, is a remarkable woman who has been the driving force behind her daughter’s astounding musical journey. At 50 years old, she is a shining example of unwavering support and dedication to music.

Agnes Wilson Bio

Name: Agnes Wilson
Date of Birth: May 2, 1973
Age: 50 years old
Gender: Female
Nationality: American

The Early Days

Before fame found her family, Agnes Wilson’s daughter, H.E.R., was born on June 27, 1997. Little did they know that their lives were about to change forever.

Nurturing Talent

In a display of extraordinary support, she and her husband, Kenny Wilson, fostered their daughter’s musical talents from a young age. They opened the doors of their home to her father’s band, allowing her to learn and grow amidst the rehearsals.

A Grammy Moment

 Agnes Wilson (H.E.R. R&B Singer Mother) - Age & Family
Image credit: Instagram @hermusicofficial

In 2021, she had the privilege of attending the Grammy Awards alongside her daughter. A proud moment for any parent as they witness the culmination of their child’s hard work and dedication on such a prestigious stage.

A Leap of Faith

Their belief in H.E.R.’s talent was unwavering. At 14, they decided to allow her to sign a contract with Sony Entertainment. This leap of faith set the stage for her meteoric rise in the music industry.

Family Ties

 Agnes Wilson (H.E.R. R&B Singer Mother) - Age & Family
US singer-songwriter H.E.R. and her mother Agnes Wilson at SoFi stadium in Inglewood, California, March 2, 2022. | Source: Getty Images

Family is at the heart of their journey. Alongside Agnes Wilson’s husband, Kenny, they have two daughters, Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson (better known as H.E.R.) and Alex Wilson. Their Filipino-American heritage is a testament to the rich diversity that fuels their artistic endeavors.

In the Spotlight

H.E.R.’s musical prowess knows no bounds. She has even collaborated with Chris Brown on the hit song “Come Through,” showcasing her versatility and talent.

This remarkable mother’s unwavering support has been instrumental in Agnes Wilson’s daughter’s journey to becoming a Grammy Award-winning artist. Her story is a testament to the power of family, talent, and the unwavering belief in one’s dreams.





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