Alice Zenobia Richmond – Meet Tina Fey’s Daughter

alice zenobia richmond

Alice Zenobia Richmond, the rising star of American television, has graced the entertainment world with her natural talent and charm. Her journey into the limelight began at a tender age, as she made her acting debut in TV shows created and produced by none other than her parents. While her potential shines brightly, recent projects have left us wondering if she will continue to follow in her parents’ illustrious footsteps.

A Glimpse into Alice Zenobia Richmond’s World

Born on September 10, 2005, in the heart of Pennsylvania, USA, Alice Zenobia Richmond is 18 years old, with her zodiac sign being Virgo. Her lineage is nothing short of Hollywood royalty, being the daughter of the renowned Tina Fey, an accomplished actress, writer, comedian, and producer. Tina Fey, born on May 18, 1970, in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, is celebrated for her roles in iconic movies such as “Date Night,” “Mean Girls,” “Baby Mama,” and “Sisters,” to name just a few.


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On the paternal side, Alice’s father is Jeff Richmond, a multi-talented American artist known for his exceptional work as a music composer, actor, director, and media producer. Jeff, born on January 7, 1961, in Garrettsville, Ohio, tied the knot with Tina in 2001. His involvement in the entertainment industry includes acting in movies like “Great News,” “The Dead Pool,” and “Midnight Caller.” Moreover, he has served as an executive producer for notable shows such as “Mr. Mayor,” “30 Rock,” and “Sisters.”

The Fey Family

Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond are proud parents of two daughters. Apart from Alice Zenobia Richmond, they have another daughter named Penelope Athena Richmond, born on August 10, 2011. At 12 years old in 2023, Penelope made her foray into the entertainment world at a young age and has graced productions like “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and “Girls 5eva.”


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Tina Fey’s Remarkable Earnings

Tina Fey’s exceptional talent and influence in the industry have been highly lucrative. Reports suggest that she earned a staggering $500,000 for each episode of the American satirical sitcom “30 Rock,” a show she starred in and created and produced. The series made its debut on October 11, 2006, on NBC.

Alice’s Television Ventures

While Alice Zenobia Richmond has yet to make her mark in cinema, her presence on television screens has garnered attention. In 2012, she portrayed a 7-year-old character named Liz in “30 Rock.” Additionally, she made a cameo appearance as herself in the 2020 television special titled “A One-Time Special.” Beyond these two appearances, Alice has yet to secure further acting roles.

Her Stature and Name


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Standing at 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm), Alice possesses a slender physique, with body measurements indicating 35 kilograms and 77 pounds. Her middle name, Zenobia, pays homage to her maternal grandmother, Zenobia Jeanne Xenakis, a retired brokerage employee. This name, of Greek origin, translates to “the life of Zeus” and is often bestowed upon female children, carrying connotations of greatness and inspiration.

Alice Zenobia Richmond is undoubtedly one of the fortunate few who have thrived under the benevolent shadow of their famous parents. Reports consistently applaud her exceptional performances in the projects she has undertaken, praising her for going above and beyond expectations. As we await her next move in the entertainment world, one thing is clear: Alice Zenobia Richmond is a rising star worth watching.




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