Who is Antonio Brown Wife? His relationship history

antonio brown wife

Antonio Brown, a prominent figure in American NFL history, has captivated fans with his exceptional skills and versatile performance as a wide receiver. Throughout his career, he has donned the jerseys of esteemed teams such as the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, it was in 2022 that he made headlines for a different reason when he was abruptly dismissed from the Buccaneers after a memorable, shirtless exit during a game against the New York Jets. This incident only fueled the curiosity of many about his personal life, especially his romantic entanglements. In this article, we delve into Antonio Brown’s life off the field, addressing the question on everyone’s mind: Does Antonio Brown have a wife?

Antonio Brown’s Accomplishments on the Field

Antonio Brown’s impact on the football field is undeniable. He is the franchise record holder for the most receiving yards in a single season for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Furthermore, he ranks among the top ten NFL receivers in a single league season. Beyond his on-field prowess, Antonio Brown also co-owns the Albany Empire, a team in the National Arena League. However, his journey in the limelight has not been without its fair share of attention and controversies in his professional and personal life, leading many to inquire about his marital status and romantic history.

Antonio Brown’s Marital Status

To answer the question of whether Antonio Brown is married, the answer is no. While he has not tied the knot, his dating life has frequently made headlines. He is a father to six children, each from a different relationships. This intriguing aspect of his life has garnered significant public interest.

Exploring Antonio Brown’s Relationship History

Several noteworthy relationships mark Antonio Brown’s romantic history. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key individuals in his life:

Chelsie Kyriss


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Chelsie Kyriss is the most recently known girlfriend of Antonio Brown. Their love story began in 2012, initiated by a mutual friend’s introduction while she was employed at Wilton Brands Inc. The chemistry between them was undeniable, leading to an immediate romantic connection.

Before meeting Antonio Brown, Chelsie worked as a customer representative and an assistant teacher at a daycare. The couple shares four children: Autonomy (born in 2014), Ali (born in 2015), Apollo (born in 2017), and Allure (born in 2020). Chelsie also has two other children from a previous relationship.

Their relationship has weathered its fair share of storms, including a breakup in 2017 when a pregnant Chelsie accused Antonio of infidelity and creating a hostile environment for their children. However, they reconciled, and the charges were eventually dropped. Antonio reopened the case a year later, claiming Kyriss was unfit to raise their children. In 2022, she accused him of domestic abuse, including throwing a shoe at her and ejecting her from their home. Despite the breakup, Chelsie has continued to care for their children, with Antonio providing support.

Jena Frumes

When his ex-girlfriend Chelsie was pregnant with their third child, Antonio had a brief affair with Jena Frumes in 2017. At the time, he claimed that he and Chelsie were not together. Jena Frumes is an actress, social media influencer, and model. However, their relationship was short-lived, as Antonio eventually reunited with his previous partner.

Wiltrice Jackson


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Antonio Brown and Wiltrice Jackson were romantically involved during his early days with the Pittsburgh Steelers. They welcomed their daughter, Antanyiah, on March 18, 2008. Their recent headlines revolved around Jackson’s injunction filed in April 2023 for unpaid child support for their 15-year-old child. An arrest warrant was issued, but Antonio Brown promptly paid the owed amount. Wiltrice had previously accused him of domestic violence.

Shameika Brailsford

In the early 2000s, Antonio Brown was in a relationship with Shameika Brailsford, with whom he shares a son, Antonio Brown Jr., born in November 2007. Although separated in 2012, they encountered legal disputes over child custody, with Shameika alleging that Antonio failed to provide adequate care for their son due to his demanding career.

Stephanie Acevedo

Antonio Brown’s relationship with Stephanie Acevedo reportedly began in 2020, during a turbulent period with Chelsie Kyriss. The two shared glimpses of their connection on social media. Stephanie Acevedo is an American singer, reality TV star, actress, and fashion model based in Miami. She attended medical school before pursuing a music career, although she did not major. She is signed under the Young Money label and has released songs like “Acércate” and “Bleeding Love.” However, this relationship did not stand the test of time, and Antonio eventually reunited with the mother of his children.

Antonio Brown’s Current Relationship Status

As of 2023, Antonio Brown appears to be single. While rumors have circulated about his involvement with Cydney Moreau, an Instagram model, neither party has officially commented on these allegations.

In conclusion, Antonio Brown’s life is a fascinating blend of athletic achievements and personal relationships, making him a subject of great interest among football enthusiasts and the general public alike. While he may not have a wife, his journey through various romantic relationships has left an indelible mark on his life story.





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