Arch Kelley III – (Wynonna Judd’s ex-husband) – Everything to Know

Arch Kelley III - ( Wynonna Judd's ex-husband ) - Everything to Know

Arch Kelley III, a name often associated with his former spouse, the renowned American country music singer Wynonna Judd, is more than just a footnote in her biography. Despite their separation, Kelley continues to pique the curiosity of many. So, how well-acquainted are you with this intriguing personality?

Who is Arch Kelley III?

Arch Kelley III, an American businessman, was born on March 23, 1931, in Dickson, Tennessee, USA, to Arch Kelley Sr. and Pearl Potts. Raised alongside his sisters Lean and Claudia Kelley, he holds American nationality and embraces Christianity.

Age and Early Life

Arch Kelley III - ( Wynonna Judd's ex-husband ) - Everything to Know
Wynonna Judd, Arch and Elijah Kelley Sighting at Los Angeles International Airport. Photo: Jim Smeal Source: Getty Images

At 92 years old, Arch Kelley III remains a private individual, concealing much of his family background. Reports suggest he is the son of Arch Kelley Sr. and Pearl Potts, both hailing from Dickson, Tennessee. Little is known about his siblings, Lean and Claudia Kelley, as well as his upbringing, childhood, and educational journey.


Kelley secretly shrouds the specifics of his career and endeavors, leaving us guessing about his entrepreneurial pursuits. Nonetheless, his financial success, assets, and estimated net worth speak volumes about his professional accomplishments.

What is Arch Kelley’s Occupation?

Is Arch Kelley III an actor? Kelley’s career path remains largely unknown, except for his success as a businessman. Despite his low profile, his achievements are undeniable.

What is Arch Kelley III’s Net Worth?

Though reports suggest a net worth of $2 million, this figure still needs to be verified and reliable. The majority of his wealth is believed to stem from his business ventures.

Wynonna Judd’s Relationship

Arch Kelley III - ( Wynonna Judd's ex-husband ) - Everything to Know
Image credit: Instagram @wynonnajudd

Wynonna Judd, known for her hit singles like “A Bad Goodbye” and “Only Love,” has had three marriages in her lifetime. Her first husband was Arch Kelley, with whom she welcomed their first child, Elijah Judd, on December 23, 1994, before officially tying the knot on January 21, 1996. However, their union dissolved in 1998. Wynonna later married D. R. Roach in 2003, followed by her marriage to Cactus Moser in 2012.

What Happened to Arch Kelley III’s Daughter?

Arch Kelley III’s daughter, Grace, faced legal troubles, including probation violations and meth-related charges. She received a suspended sentence of 11 months and 29 days but was later sentenced to eight years behind bars for breaking probation and fleeing from a recovery court program.

Where is Arch Kelley III Now?

Details about Arch Kelley III’s current whereabouts remain scant. The nonagenarian businessman continues to guard his privacy, likely leading a quiet life in Tennessee. While his marital status remains undisclosed, his last known status post-divorce was single.

As previously mentioned, Arch Kelley III has two children, Elijah and Grace, with no information about additional offspring. The enigmatic businessman leaves us with more questions than answers, perpetuating his life’s mystery.





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