Armstead Edwards: The Man Behind Patti LaBelle

Armstead Edwards The Man Behind Patti LaBelle

Armstead Edwards, a former high school vice principal and ex-tour co-manager, is best known as the former husband of the iconic singer and actress Patricia Louise Holt, also known as Patti LaBelle.

A Love Story Unfolds

Patti LaBelle, a music legend, initially gained fame as the lead singer of Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles. Her solo career boasts hits like “You Are My Friend,” “If Only You Knew,” “New Attitude,” and “Stir It Up.” But what about the Man who shared her life for over three decades? Let’s explore Armstead Edwards’ journey.

Armstead Edwards: The Man from the ’40s

Armstead Edwards The Man Behind Patti LaBelle

Armstead Edwards, born in April 1942, is now 80 years old. Not much is known about his parents or family background. He has called Pennsylvania his home for many years but remains tight-lipped about his origins.

A Unique Proposal

It’s not your typical love story. Patti LaBelle revealed that it was she who proposed to Armstead Edwards. She initially hesitated to marry him, fearing their union might replicate her parents’ turbulent relationship.

A Bond Beyond Marriage

Before becoming Patti’s husband, Armstead Edwards was her manager. The couple tied the knot in 1969 with a small and casual celebration in Maryland featuring beer and soft-shell crabs.

A Family’s Evolution

Patti LaBelle and Armstead Edwards have three children together. Their first son, Zuri, was born four years after their wedding. The couple later adopted two more children, Stanley Stocker-Edwards & Dodd Stocker-Edwards.

The End of a Chapter

Armstead Edwards The Man Behind Patti LaBelle

After more than 30 years of marriage, Patti and Edwards decided to part ways. They realized that living separately was the best course of action. Their separation was amicable, devoid of hatred or conflicts.

A Lasting Friendship

Although their romantic relationship ended, Patti and Armstead remained close friends. They continued to visit each other, even during holidays. Their bond remains unbroken despite the passage of nearly two decades since their divorce.

Patti’s Life After the Divorce

Following Armstead Edwards’ passing in 2016, Patti was reported to have quietly dated her drummer, Eric Seats. Meanwhile, she remains a solo artist, sharing her life on social media but keeping her romantic life private.

A Man of Many Talents

Armstead Edwards was not just a spouse; he managed Patti’s career and ran their boutique in Philadelphia. However, it needs to be clarified whether this partnership continues today.

What’s Armstead Up To?

Armstead Edwards The Man Behind Patti LaBelle

Since retirement, Armstead has maintained a low profile. He needs to be more active on social media, leaving us to wonder about his current activities. While his presence on the internet is scarce, there have been no reports of his passing, indicating that he is likely alive and residing in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.

Comparing Fortunes

Patti LaBelle’s illustrious music career has brought her substantial wealth, with an estimated net worth of around $60 million. In contrast, Armstead Edwards, who worked behind the scenes in the music industry, is not known for amassing substantial wealth during that time.

Ultimately, Armstead Edwards remains a mystery, with his life after retirement primarily shrouded in secrecy. His enduring friendship with Patti LaBelle is a testament to their enduring bond, even after the end of their marriage.





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