Arnold Contreras: ( Gabriel Fernandez’s Father ) – Everything to Know

Arnold Contreras ( Gabriel Fernandez’s Father ) - Everything to Know

Have you ever wondered about the man behind the tragic story of Gabriel Fernandez, the young boy who suffered unspeakable abuse from his mother and her boyfriend? In this article, we delve into the life of Arnold Contreras, Gabriel’s father, and explore his role, if any, in the harrowing ordeal that Gabriel endured.

Who Is Arnold Contreras?

Arnold Contreras, also known as Arnaldo Jose Contreras, is the biological father of Gabriel Fernandez. He was thrust into the spotlight during Isauro Aguirre’s sentencing trial, where he spoke affectionately of his late son. Contreras revealed that Pearl Fernandez, Gabriel’s mother, had never shown affection for the boy, and he had believed that Gabriel would live with his maternal grandparents.

A Father’s Struggle from Prison:

Arnold Contreras ( Gabriel Fernandez’s Father ) - Everything to Know
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During Gabriel’s tragic death in 2013, Arnold Contreras served time in Riverside County jail. He testified that the brutality of Gabriel’s death haunted his sleepless nights. Contreras also joined a wrongful death lawsuit against the public school district, Pearl and Isauro, and three different county departments.

Arnold Contreras’ Relationship with Pearl Fernandez:

Pearl Fernandez and Arnold Contreras are the parents of Gabriel Fernandez, though there’s no official record of their marriage. They had four children together, including Gabriel, born on February 20, 2005, in Palmdale, California. Their relationship was marked by toxicity, with Pearl often being the aggressor. She had pending charges for threatening to harm Contreras, and family members confirmed her abusive tendencies towards her romantic partners.

Arnold Contreras: The Tattoo Artist and Piercer:

In addition to his troubled past, Arnold Contreras has a legitimate job as a tattoo artist and piercer. His Facebook page showcases his work in this field. Before his son’s tragic death, he lived with his parents and siblings, but the horrifying circumstances thrust him into the public eye for all the wrong reasons.

Gabriel Fernandez’s Heart-Wrenching Ordeal:

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Gabriel Fernandez’s life was marred by suffering from an early age. His mother abandoned him at the hospital three days after his birth, leaving him in the care of distant relatives. In 2012, Pearl Fernandez regained custody of Gabriel and moved him in with her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre. This marked the beginning of Gabriel’s nightmare, as he endured starvation and horrific abuse, including being forced to consume cat litter, faeces, and rotten food.

The Truth About Arnold Contreras’ Role:

Although Arnold Contreras is Gabriel’s biological father, he is not actively involved in the boy’s life. Gabriel spent most of his childhood with his mother’s relatives before the tragic turn of events 2012. While Contreras seemingly played no part in his son’s abuse and death, some pictures suggest that he had some level of connection with Gabriel.

Where Is Gabriel Fernandez’s Father Now?

Following Gabriel’s death, Arnold Contreras learned of the horrifying news from a prison chaplain. He faced legal troubles and was convicted in 2018 for acquiring and retaining personal identification information. Subsequently, he received an additional sentence in 2019 and has been serving time at Calipatria State Prison since then. Notably, he became eligible for parole in June 2019.

In Conclusion, The tragic story of Gabriel Fernandez’s life and death raises many questions, including those about the role of his father, Arnold Contreras. While Contreras was not active in Gabriel’s life, the heartbreak and suffering that occurred to this young boy remain a painful reminder of the need for vigilance and protection of vulnerable children.





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