Bert Girigorie’s biography: Meet Wendy Williams’ First Husband

bert girigorie

Bert Girigorie is a name that briefly shone in the spotlight as the ex-husband of Wendy Williams, the globally renowned American former broadcaster, writer, and media personality. Their whirlwind romance and rapid downfall captivated headlines, leaving us with a tale of love, conflict, and ultimate separation.

Bert Girigorie’s Age and Birthplace

Today, Bert Girigorie is 59 years old, born on March 13, 1964, under the Pisces zodiac sign. His roots trace back to the vibrant city of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, where he spent his formative years.

Despite his relatively low profile, we know that Bert has two siblings: Gabrielle Girigorie, his sister, and Bruce Girigorie, his brother. Their close bond remains a testament to the importance of family in Bert’s life.

Growing Up in a Christian Home

Bert Girigorie was raised in a devout Christian family, where Christian principles were significant. His parents were devout Christians, instilling Christian values in him from a young age. This upbringing nurtured a solid spiritual foundation in Bert, making church attendance a routine part of his life. Ethnically, Bert Girigorie is African-American.

A Well-Educated Man

Despite limited information about his early education, Bert Girigorie pursued higher education at Morehouse College, a prestigious historically Black men’s liberal arts institution located in Atlanta, Georgia. While the specifics of his primary and graduation years remain undisclosed, his studies are believed to be related to marketing or a related discipline, aligning with his subsequent career.

The Meeting That Started It All

The paths of Bert Girigorie and Wendy Williams first crossed at a New York-based radio station in 1992. Wendy, a rising media personality, was an on-air personality at the station, while Bert worked in the marketing and sales department. Their frequent interactions eventually led to a romantic connection.

Bert’s quiet and conservative nature contrasted with Wendy’s fast-paced and outgoing lifestyle, but their differences complemented each other. Wendy would later describe Bert as the calming influence she needed.

After eight months of dating, Bert and Wendy announced their engagement, and in 1994, they exchanged vows in a memorable wedding ceremony held in New Jersey, in the very church that had a special place in Wendy’s heart.

A Honeymoon Turned Sour

However, their honeymoon in Rio de Janeiro hinted at the challenges ahead. Continuous arguments and conflicts marred what was supposed to be a blissful time together. Wendy expressed dissatisfaction with Bert’s attempts to control and restrict her actions, while Bert grew increasingly uneasy with Wendy’s changed behaviour.

Bert was startled by Wendy’s decision to invite reporters into their limousine on their wedding day, and her insistence on spending a night out alone in Rio raised concerns. These differences in wants and life choices, coupled with Wendy’s substance abuse issues hidden from Bert, ultimately led to their separation just five months after they tied the knot.

Life After Divorce

After parting ways with Wendy, Bert Girigorie embraced a low-key lifestyle and focused on his professional endeavours. He has been the President of G2 Marketing, a digital marketing agency in Charlotte, North Carolina, since 2010, where he has excelled in web and mobile development, revenue development, and client management.

As for his personal life, it is believed that Bert has remained single since his divorce from Wendy. On the other hand, Wendy Williams entered another marriage, which ended in separation.

Wendy Williams’ Rise to Stardom

Wendy Williams, Bert’s ex-wife, has risen to become a prominent figure in the American media landscape. She hosted The Wendy Williams Show from 2008 to 2022, earning critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. Before her TV career, Wendy made a name for herself as a bold and controversial radio shock jockette.

Her success on radio led to the VH1 reality series, The Wendy Williams Experience, and she has authored books, made film and TV appearances, and established product lines. Wendy was even inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009.

Comparing Net Worth

While Bert Girigorie has an estimated net worth of $700,000 to $1.5 million from his successful career in sales and marketing, Wendy Williams boasts a net worth of $20 million, achieved through her multi-faceted career and enduring influence in the media industry.

Ultimately, Bert Girigorie’s brief and tumultuous marriage to Wendy Williams left an indelible mark on both their lives, with Wendy ascending to stardom and Bert finding professional success in his own right. Their story serves as a reminder that love can be fleeting and transformative.





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