Who Is Cameron Smith’s Girlfriend? Meet Shanel Naoum

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In the vibrant world of professional golf, Cameron Smith is a towering figure, his prowess resonating with fans worldwide. In 2022, he witnessed his meteoric rise, clinching both the Players Championship and the Open Championship, leaving an indelible mark in the annals of golfing history.

A Triumph for the Ages: Cameron Smith


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2022 proved to be a pivotal chapter in Cameron Smith’s career. A triumph at the Players Championship crowned him as the fifth Australian to claim this coveted title. The sweet taste of victory continued with the Open Championship, where he outshone luminaries like Rory McIlroy and Cameron Young.

The Silent Strength: Shanel Naoum:

In the shadows of Cameron Smith’s monumental victories stands a pillar of quiet strength and support, Shanel Naoum. Their relationship, veiled from the relentless glare of the public eye, serves as a sanctuary for their love to flourish. While privacy is their shield, moments of Naoum’s presence grace the lens on rare occasions, capturing their bond. A poignant image from the 2022 Players Championship, where they embraced his hard-fought victory, is a testament to their shared journey.

More than a Golfer: The Unconventional Charisma:

Beyond the greens and fairways, Cameron Smith’s aura is punctuated by an unconventional charm – his signature mullet. This mane whimsically termed his “good luck charm,” lends him an air of distinction. In defiance of dissent, he has affirmed his commitment to his distinctive hairstyle, even if it elicits mixed reactions, including from his partner.

“I would have to apologize to my girlfriend; it’s not going away,” he jests, firmly rooted in his choice. “I mean, it’s… I feel like it’s part of me now,” he quips, revealing the playful essence of his persona.

The Enigma: Decoding Shanel Naoum:


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Venturing beyond golf, curiosity begets the question – Who is Shanel Naoum? A Floridian by birth and heart, she hails from Jacksonville, where she remains rooted. Her journey led her to the University of North Florida, culminating in a Bachelor of Science. Further pursuit of knowledge guided her to Palmer College of Chiropractic, where she earned her doctorate in chiropractic medicine.

Healer of Body and Soul:

Shanel Naoum’s professional voyage is that of a healer. As a chiropractic physician at Southeast Orthopedic Specialists, her expertise in manual manipulations, auto injuries, and spinal disorders reshapes lives. Her philosophy embraces evidence-based care, rekindling spinal alignment and functional restoration for those entrusted to her care.

The Gift of Language: Bilingual Marvel:

A unique facet of Shanel Naoum shines through her bilingual prowess. Fluent in Arabic and English, her linguistic talent is more than a skill – it’s a bridge that connects her to a diverse spectrum of patients. This linguistic treasure enhances her ability to provide holistic care, easily transcending barriers.

Love Unveiled: A Snapshot of Their Journey:


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Though the genesis of Cameron Smith and Shanel Naoum’s romance remains shrouded, the world witnessed their togetherness in 2022. The victory at the Players Championship marked their public debut, framed against the backdrop of shared joy and triumph. The LIV Golf Invitational of September 2022 etched a profound moment, a kiss of celebration sealing Smith’s victory, with the embrace resonating with the unspoken depth of their connection.

Guardians of Privacy: The Enigmatic Couple:

Shanel Naoum and Cameron Smith exist as enigmas in a world thirsty for details. While Smith’s social media offers glimpses into his professional journey, the private sphere must be addressed. Naoum’s Instagram is a fortress of privacy, while her LinkedIn profile provides a glimpse into her professional aspirations.

The Unseen Support: A Silent Presence:

In a gallery abuzz with excitement, Shanel Naoum stands, a steadfast presence at Cameron Smith’s tournaments. This unwavering support transcends the boundaries of words, a testament to the depth of their bond. In July 2023, their joy overflowed as they posed, trophy in hand, at London’s LIV Golf tournament, an affirmation of shared victories and a love that flourishes away from the spotlight.


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Cameron Smith’s journey to the zenith of golfing excellence finds resonance not only in his triumphs but also in the presence of Shanel Naoum. Their love story, shrouded in privacy, speaks volumes through fleeting moments captured by the camera’s lens. As Smith’s star ascends, Shanel Naoum remains enigmatic, symbolizing silent strength and steadfast love amidst the whirlwind of fame.




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