Caressa Suzzette Madden: All About Delonte West’s wife

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Staying in the spotlight while maintaining a long-lasting relationship is no easy feat, but for couples like Caressa Suzzette Madden and Delonte West, love conquers all. So, what’s their secret?

Caressa Suzzette Madden is renowned as the wife of former NBA player Delonte West, who faced financial woes after being sidelined by his team. Through thick and thin, Caressa stood unwaveringly by his side as he battled severe mental health challenges.

Who Is Caressa Suzzette Madden?

Caressa Suzzette Madden emerged as the pillar of strength during Delonte West’s toughest times. She came into the limelight when she married the NBA superstar back in 2013.

Born on May 13, 1988, in Dallas, Texas, Caressa has always valued her privacy, never publicly divulging details about her family, education, or personal life. She holds American citizenship and is of White ethnicity. Caressa Suzzette opts to stay off social media platforms, preferring to be the rock her husband needs during his darkest moments.

Age, Height, and Weight

At present, Caressa Suzzette Madden is 35 years old, born on May 13, 1988, in Dallas, Texas. She stands at 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters), but her exact weight remains undisclosed.

Her Profession

Caressa Suzzette Madden is best known as the devoted wife of the famous NBA athlete Delonte West. She’s celebrated for her unwavering support during his tough times. However, Caressa keeps a low profile, refraining from sharing personal details such as her profession or net worth. Her husband, on the other hand, faced financial challenges during his NBA career, ultimately resorting to seeking employment at Home Depot and a furniture store.

Net Worth

Caressa Suzzette Madden’s net worth remains undisclosed, as she prefers to keep her personal life private. She relies on her husband, Delonte West, who once had a career earning him approximately $14 million before taxes. However, financial difficulties led to the couple selling assets, and Delonte even worked at Home Depot to make ends meet.

When Did Delonte West and Caressa Suzzette Madden Meet?


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Delonte West and Caressa Suzzette Madden’s love story began in 2012 at a mutual friend’s home. Despite their different backgrounds and Delonte’s financial struggles after leaving the NBA, their connection was instant. Caressa didn’t shy away from the realities of Delonte’s life and chose to stand by him, proving her unwavering love and support.

The couple later moved to Fort Washington, facing hardships that included heating bathwater on the stove. In this challenging period, Delonte proposed to Caressa with a self-made ring crafted from a jump rope, a testament to their enduring love.

When Did Delonte West Marry Caressa Suzzette Madden?

Delonte West and Caressa Suzzette tied the knot in 2013 despite her being pregnant before their marriage. Caressa’s commitment to her partner, even in the face of his unemployment, showcased true love.


Delonte West and Caressa Suzzette Madden have two children together. Their first child, Cash West, was born in 2013, and they welcomed a second child in 2014, although the child’s name remains undisclosed.

In conclusion, the enduring love and unwavering support shared between Caressa Suzzette Madden and Delonte West serve as a testament to the power of commitment in the face of adversity. Their remarkable journey, marked by love, resilience, and family, inspires us all to cherish the bonds that sustain us through life’s toughest challenges.





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