Chris Frangipane: The Proud Father of Halsey

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Chris Frangipane, the proud father of American musician Ashley Nicollette Frangipane, famously known as Halsey, shares a remarkable bond with his daughter. Their relationship, although tumultuous in the past, has now blossomed into a strong and loving connection.

Chris Frangipane’s Ethnicity and Background

Chris Frangipane boasts a rich heritage, with a blend of American-African and Irish ancestry. While his exact birth year remains private, it is believed he is approaching his fifties, given that he celebrates his birthday every September 26. Born in Edison, New Jersey, Chris is an American by nationality, deeply rooted in his place of birth.

Meet Halsey’s Father

Known to the world as Halsey, the musician’s birth name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane. Nicole and Chris Frangipane are her loving parents. Chris, born on September 26, has African-American and Irish roots. The couple met during their college years and temporarily paused their education when they learned that Nicole was expecting their first child.

Family Life


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The early days were tough for the Frangipane family. They took on odd jobs and frequently relocated, with Nicole even working as a security personnel. On September 29, 1994, Halsey, their firstborn, came into the world. Later, two boys, Sevian and Dante, completed their family. Sevian shares a close bond with his sister, frequently expressing his affection for her on Instagram.

Educational and Career Journey

Chris Frangipane pursued his higher education at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, graduating in 1997. His career path led him into the world of automobile sales management, starting at Ayers Chevrolet in 2003, where he worked until October 2013. 

From November 2013 to March 2015, he served as a general sales manager at Prestige Volvo in East Hanover, New Jersey. In April 2015, Chris joined Rossis Chevrolet Buick GMC in Washington and New Jersey as a general sales manager, remaining there until April 2017.

Chris Frangipane’s Net Worth

Accumulating wealth over his years in employment, Chris Frangipane now possesses a net worth estimated at approximately $200,000.

Changing Homes and Challenges

Due to the nature of Chris’s job, the Frangipane family moved frequently during their children’s formative years, resulting in multiple school changes. Their relationship with Halsey wasn’t always smooth sailing, and she was even asked to leave home during her teenage years.

Conflicting reports suggest it was due to her college dropout or alleged substance use. Halsey has clarified that it was because she chose not to complete her education.

A Strong Family Bond

Today, Halsey and her parents share a strong and loving relationship. She is often seen at events with them, and heartfelt messages are exchanged on social media. Halsey acknowledges her parents’ unwavering support in her rise to fame, emphasizing that her father worked tirelessly to provide for their family.

Halsey’s Musical Success

  • Halsey’s musical talent has brought her immense success. Hits like “Closer” and “Without Me” landed on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • She has sold over a million albums, and her music boasts more than six billion downloads in the United States.
  • With her financial success, Halsey invested in a Hollywood Hills home in June 2017 for $2.23 million and acquired a stunning 2,200-square-foot house in Sherman Oaks, California, for $2.4 million in July 2019.

In conclusion, Chris Frangipane is the devoted father of the renowned singer and songwriter Halsey. Sacrificing his education for the sake of his child, his dedication has paid off as Halsey’s music career flourished. While it’s unclear whether Chris resides in one of her lavish homes, his LinkedIn profile indicates that he now lives in Greater Los Angeles.





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