Corrie Bird: Larry Bird’s daughter – All about her

Corrie Bird, Larry Bird's daughter

Corrie Bird, the first child of basketball legend Larry Bird and his ex-wife Janet Condra, has faced her fair share of challenges. Born before her father’s NBA journey began, her early life was marked by her parents’ fractured relationship. Yet, Corrie’s resolute determination has brought her closer to her dad while she forges her path, both personally and professionally.

Corrie Bird: Age and Background

Born on August 14, 1977, in Brazil Town, Indiana, USA, Corrie Bird is now 46 years old. Raised by her mother and stepfather, Mr. Hargrave, she pursued higher education at Indiana State University, obtaining degrees in elementary education and business administration. She later earned an MBA in health management from Wesleyan Indiana University. Corrie’s career has seen her excel as a health and business manager in various Indiana hospitals.

A Daughter’s Origins

Corrie Bird’s roots trace back to Brazil, Indiana, where her father, NBA legend Larry Bird, and her mother, Janet Condra, both hailed from. Childhood friends turned lovers, and their early dreams of a shared future were kindled. Larry’s brief stint at the University of Indiana took him away from Janet, but fate reunited them when he returned to college basketball. In 1975, during Larry’s freshman year at Indiana State, they tied the knot.

A Short-lived Marriage

Despite the high hopes, Larry and Janet’s marriage crumbled, lasting less than a year before their separation in 1976. Their brief reconciliation resulted in Corrie’s conception, but by the time she arrived in 1977, her parents had parted ways for good. Raised by her mother and stepfather while her father made his mark in the NBA, Corrie’s contact with Larry was limited to child support payments, Christmas cards, and gifts.

Not Sue Bird’s Relative

Contrary to speculation, Corrie Bird is not related to Sue Bird; they merely share a last name.

A Family of Her Own

Corrie found love and married security specialist Trent Theopolis Batson on May 17, 2008. Their enduring marriage has seen the addition of four children: Samantha and Christian from Trent’s previous marriage, along with their daughter, Violet Marie, born in 2012, and son, Sebastine Grey, born in 2017. Their family is a close-knit unit of six.

Success in Healthcare Management

Corrie Bird’s challenges didn’t deter her; she has become an accomplished professional. With bachelor’s degrees in elementary education and business administration from Indiana State University and an MBA in healthcare management from Indiana Wesleyan University (2011), Corrie has held managerial roles in several hospitals. Her career includes positions as a business office manager at St. Vincent Clay Hospital (2002-2007), a practice manager at Union Associated Physicians Clinics (2008-2016), and a clinical coordinator at St. Mary of the Woods College (2018-2019). Currently, she has served as the registration supervisor at Putnam County Hospital in Greencastle, Indiana, since January 2019.

Siblings and Bonds

Corrie Bird isn’t alone in her family journey. She shares her mother’s side with Mandy, a talented singer who performed at Corrie’s wedding in 2008. On her father’s side, Corrie has two half-siblings, Conner and Mariah, adopted by Larry Bird and his wife, Dinah. While Mariah thrives as an events manager, Conner has faced challenges, including legal issues. Though Corrie once spent time with her paternal half-siblings at her stepmother’s invitation, their current relationship remains uncertain.

In conclusion, Corrie Bird’s journey is a testament to resilience and determination. Despite the challenges in her family life, she has carved out a successful career in healthcare management and built a loving family of her own. Her story reminds us that with unwavering determination, we can overcome adversity and thrive, creating our path to happiness and success.





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