Meet Dallas Yocum: Mike Lindell’s ex-wife – Everything to Know

dallas yocum, mike lindell wife

Dallas Yocum, a United States citizen, businesswoman, and entrepreneur gained recognition in the country as the former spouse of businessman and conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell, also known as Michael J. Lindell, the CEO of ‘My Pillow, Inc. Dallas herself has chosen to keep her life predominantly private.

Early Life and Family:

Dallas Yocum, born in December 1980 in the United States, maintains an aura of mystery around her exact birth date and location. Raised in Arizona, she is the daughter of Dale Farmer, a United States Navy mechanic and a war veteran who served aboard U.S. Bon Homme. Furthermore, Dallas Yocum’s grandfather also served as a war veteran during World War II.

Dallas Yocum: Now Age

As of 2023, Dallas Yocum is 43 years old. Despite her public association with Mike Lindell, she has not disclosed much about her early life, parents, or siblings, and there are no publicly available photos of her.

Physical Attributes:

Dallas Yocum stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, equivalent to 1.67 meters or 167 centimeters. She has an approximate weight of 60 kg (132 lbs) and is characterized by warm brown eyes and blonde hair. Her body measurements are 36-29-40 centimeters, with a bra cup size of 34 C.

Career and Public Life:

Dallas Yocum has deliberately maintained a low profile in the public eye, not seeking significant public attention. Following her divorce from Mike Lindell, she retreated from the spotlight, resulting in limited accessible information about her personal life.

Mike Lindell’s Career:


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In contrast, Mike Lindell’s career has been quite public. He embarked on various entrepreneurial endeavors in the 1980s and eventually founded ‘My Pillow, Inc. in 2004. What began with a modest staff of five has since grown into a company employing over fifty thousand individuals. My Pillow, Inc. is now a global phenomenon, manufacturing around 85 thousand pillows daily at its hometown plant.

Additionally, Mike Lindell founded the Lindell Foundation, a faith-based organization dedicated to aiding individuals facing addiction, cancer patients, and veterans, among others. In 2017, during Hurricane Harvey, the foundation generously donated 60 thousand pillows to the victims.

Mike Lindell’s Support and Ventures:

Mike Lindell is renowned for his support of former President Donald Trump and his involvement in promoting the plant extract oleandrin as a COVID-19 antidote through Fox News advertisements.

Net Worth:

Despite Dallas Yocum’s commitment to maintaining her privacy and staying out of the limelight, it is estimated that her net worth as of 2023 stands at a median value of $450,000.

Marriage and Personal Life:

Details about the relationship between Dallas Yocum and Mike Lindell remain scarce. Mike Lindell’s previous marriage to Karen Dicky was short-lived, and he later fell in love with Dallas. Their marriage took place in 2013, but sadly, it ended just two weeks later when Dallas found the relationship incompatible and labeled Mike as uninteresting. Following their separation, Dallas Yocum has remained firmly out of the public eye.

Conclusion: While Dallas Yocum continues to lead a private life away from the public gaze, her brief connection with Mike Lindell and her subsequent withdrawal from the spotlight has added an element of curiosity to her persona. It remains a mystery what she has been up to since her divorce from the “My Pillow Guy.”





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