Meet Deborah Mays: Actress and Joe Namath’s Ex-wife

deborah mays

Deborah Mays, known to many as the former wife of American Football League legend, author, and actor Joseph William Namath, has earned her share of the limelight. Beyond her association with a celebrity, she’s carved out a name for herself as an actress, notably starring in the beloved series “The Greatest American Hero,” which graced our screens from 1981 to 1983.

Early Life and Background

Born on September 1, 1964, in the United States, Deborah Lynn Mays, now 59 years old in 2023, hails from Remington, Indiana. Details about her pre-marriage life remain largely private, as she wasn’t widely known before her union with the former AFL star.

A Passion for Acting

Deborah’s claim to fame stems primarily from her role as Tammy in the sci-fi comedy-drama series “The Greatest American Hero” (1981-1983). Her passion for acting continued to flourish even after her marriage to Namath. In the ’90s, she took the stage in Manhattan, showcasing her talent in a Chekhov play. Joe Namath, her then-husband, generously supported her by renting a theater for the production, which ran for four days. Additionally, Deborah Mays is acknowledged for her involvement in the documentary “Namath” (2012).

Deborah Mays’ Financial Standing

Deborah’s estimated net worth stands at a substantial $18 million, attributed to her contributions to the acting industry and settlements received from her divorce. Her ex-husband, Joe, boasts a net worth of $25 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Name Changes

Notably, Deborah Mays has changed her name twice. Initially born as Deborah Lynn Mays, she first shortened it to Deborah May and later adopted the name Tatiana. This transition occurred in memory of a cousin named Tatiana, who tragically lost her life.

Life as Joe Namath’s Wife

Despite a significant age gap, Deborah’s flourishing acting career and Namath’s budding acting pursuits led them to cross paths in 1983, igniting a romance that resulted in marriage in 1984 in Florida. Their family expanded with the arrival of their daughters, Jessica Grace Namath, in 1986 and Olivia Rose Namath in 1991.

In 2007, Joe and Deborah celebrated becoming grandparents when their daughter Olivia welcomed Natalia into the world at the young age of 16. Furthermore, they have other grandchildren named John and Jenna, born to their daughter Jessica.

Throughout their marriage, Namath grappled with alcoholism, which became a substantial challenge for their relationship. Deborah even issued an ultimatum, threatening to leave unless Joe addressed his drinking problem. Joe’s commitment to their marriage prompted him to overcome his alcohol issues, ultimately strengthening their bond.

The couple remained united for approximately sixteen years before their divorce in 2000. The specific reasons behind their separation remain private, although there were speculations of Deborah having a relationship with plastic surgeon Brian Novack, potentially contributing to their split. In April 1999, Namath filed for divorce in Broward County, additionally seeking custody of their two daughters.

Subsequently, in 2008, records indicate that Deborah Mays entered into and exited a second marriage, as evidenced by a property listing that featured a house she acquired as part of her second divorce settlement.

Deborah Mays Namath Today

Deborah has mostly maintained a low profile in recent years. She has expressed interest in pursuing a career as a playwright, possibly focusing her efforts on that path. Although she prefers to keep her life out of the public eye, she remains connected with her daughters. In a display of maternal support, Deborah cared for her granddaughter, Natalia, while her daughter, Olivia, pursued her education.

As for Joe Namath, the former football icon has not remarried following his divorce from Deborah and has not been romantically linked with anyone.

Deborah Mays is undeniably a woman of determination and resilience, pursuing her passions and working diligently to achieve her aspirations.





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