Who was Dodie Levy Fraser? Michael Landon’s ex-wife!

Who was Dodie Levy Fraser Michael Landon's ex-wife!

Dodie Levy Fraser, a notable figure in her own right, is often recognized as the former spouse of Hollywood legend Michael Landon. When they wed, Landon was embarking on his acting journey. Regrettably, their marriage didn’t stand the test of time, concluding approximately six years after they tied the knot.

Dodie’s Family and Early Life

Born in 1933 in New York City, Dodie was the daughter of Nissim Levy and Victoria “Dora” Samarel Levy. Her life was shaped by her siblings, Solomon Isaac Levy (Solly) and Mary Levy Rugraffe, who cared for her. While her early life, education, and upbringing remain largely unexplored, it’s clear that she received an education.

Dodie Levy Fraser’s Birthdate

Dodie Levy Fraser entered the world on March 16, 1933, and her journey ended on July 5, 1994, at 61. Her zodiac sign was Pisces.

Dodie’s Physical Attributes

Standing at 5 feet 7 inches, or 170 centimeters, Dodie weighed around 176 pounds, roughly 80 kilograms. Her blonde hair and blue eyes added to her allure.

Dodie’s Profession and Rise to Stardom

Dodie Levy Fraser, initially a legal secretary, found fame following her marriage to the emerging star, Michael Landon. She began acting after primary school, eventually transitioning to professional roles. Over time, she became a beloved actress and even ventured into writing. Later, she practiced as a legal secretary.

Michael Landon’s First Wife

Dodie Levy Fraser holds the distinction of being Michael Landon’s first wife. Their union commenced in 1956 but was cut short as Michael became involved with another woman, Marjorie Lynn Noe. This first marriage lasted approximately six years, concluding with a divorce on December 1, 1962.

Dodie’s Previous Marriage

Before her union with Michael, Dodie had a previous marriage. Details about her first husband are scarce, but the couple had a son named Mark.

Michael Landon’s Later Marriages

Following his divorce from Dodie, Michael married Marjorie Lynn Noe on January 12, 1963. Their union resulted in four children: Leslie Ann, Michael Jr., Shawna Leigh, and Christopher Beau. However, Michael and Lynn Noe’s marriage ended in divorce on January 2, 1982, after almost 19 years.

Michael later wed Cindy Landon, an actress, on February 14, 1983, with whom he had two children: Jennifer Rachel and Sean Matthew. At the time of his death, he was still married to Cindy.

Dodie’s Journey Beyond Divorce

Dodie Levy Fraser moved on and married Dr. Peter Lake in 1971, although their marriage was shrouded in secrecy. It is believed that Fraser and Dr. Lake were still married when she passed away.

Dodie’s Children

Dodie had 2 sons: Mark and Josh Fraser Landon. Mark, the elder of the two, was from her previous marriage and sadly passed away at 61 on May 11, 2009, under mysterious circumstances. The cause of his Death remains unknown.

Dodie’s Legacy and Net Worth

At the time of her passing, Dodie had a net worth of $500,000, primarily earned through her career as a legal secretary. In comparison, her former husband, Michael, was estimated to have a net worth of $40 million at his death in 1991.

In conclusion, Dodie Levy Fraser, the enigmatic and talented figure, played a significant role in the life of Hollywood icon Michael Landon. Her legacy and the mysteries surrounding her life continue to captivate those intrigued by the entertainment world.





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