Eli Kay-Oliphant, Meet Marina Squerciati’s Husband

eli kay-oliphant

Eli Kay-Oliphant, the husband of the famous American actress Marina Squerciati, has garnered global attention due to his association with the talented actress. Their love story began during their college days, a rarity among college relationships, eventually leading to their marriage.

Eli Kay-Oliphant’s Background

Eli Kay-Oliphant is a distinguished professional lawyer born in the United States. Before his marriage to Marina Squerciati, he led a private life away from the spotlight, leaving much of his early life, including his birth date, parents, and siblings, shrouded in mystery.

Age of E. Kay-Oliphant

Eli Kay-Oliphant has chosen to keep his date of birth confidential, making it difficult to ascertain his age.

Educational Achievements

Eli Kay-Oliphant boasts a solid educational background. He graduated from Northwestern University in 2001, where he was an active member of the Northwestern Debate Society. Subsequently, he pursued his J.D. degree with honours at Emory University School of Law. During his time there, he received the prestigious William Agnor Scholar designation Dean’s Award and also served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Emory Law Journal.

Professional Career

Marina Squerciati’s husband has enjoyed a remarkable career in the legal field. After graduation, he worked as a clerk for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals under the Honorable W. Eugene Davis. He also served as an associate for renowned law firms, including O’Leveny & Myers LLP in Washington, D.C., and Latham & Watkins LLP in New York City. His legal expertise encompasses complex commercial litigation, fraud cases, residential mortgage-backed securities, data privacy, and security. Notably, in September 2014, he co-founded Massey & Gail LLP in the Greater Chicago Area and later co-founded Sparacino PLLC in 2020.

Beyond his legal profession, Eli is actively engaged in community affairs, serving on the board of directors for the Chicago Debate Commission and the Evening Associates Board of Directors at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Awards and Achievements

Eli Kay-Oliphant’s dedication to his career has earned him several accolades, including the Emory Law Journal Editor-in-Chief award and the Emory School Dean’s Award for Excellence in Contract and Corporate Law.

Eli Kay-Oliphant’s Net Worth

As of 2021, Eli Kay-Oliphant’s net worth stands at an impressive $500,000, a testament to his successful legal career.

Marina Squerciati and Eli Kay-Oliphant: A Love Story

Marina Squerciati and Eli Kay-Oliphant first crossed paths during their college years at Northwestern University, graduating together in 2001. While Eli pursued a legal career, Marina became an actress in the entertainment industry. Their enduring bond grew over the years, culminating in their marriage in 2017.

Marina Squerciati: The Accomplished Actress


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Marina Squerciati, born on April 30th, 1984, in New York, USA, is an accomplished American actress known for her notable roles in the NBC drama Chicago P.D. as Officer Kim Burgess and her appearances in eight episodes of Gossip Girl. She has also guest-starred as a Russian spy in The Americans. As of 2023, Marina is 39 and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Northwestern University.

Her impressive filmography includes roles in well-received movies such as “It’s Complicated” (2009), “Frances Ha” (2012), “Alter Egos” (2012), “Sparks” (2013), “A Walk Among the Tombstones” (2014), “Marshall” (2017), and “Central Park” (2017).

The Controversial Rumors

In the showbiz world, rumours are common, and Marina Squerciati has faced her share of infidelity speculations. In 2014, she was falsely linked to her co-actor, Patrick John Flueger, due to their on-screen chemistry in Chicago P.D. Similarly, Eli Kay Oliphant was rumoured to be involved with Serinda Swan. Still, both parties later confirmed they were just close friends.

Father of Marina Squerciati’s Child


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Eli Kay-Oliphant is the proud father of Marina Squerciati’s daughter. In 2017, Marina announced her pregnancy, and the couple welcomed their first child in May. While they have chosen to keep their daughter’s details private, their love story continues flourishing.

In summary, Eli Kay-Oliphant, a respected lawyer, and Marina Squerciati, a renowned actress, have built a life together that combines their successes and enduring love for each other.




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