Elizabeth Ann Weber: (Billy Joel’s ex-wife) – Everything to Know

Elizabeth Ann Weber: (Billy Joel's ex-wife) - Everything to Know

Billy Joel’s name quickly comes to mind when we think of legendary musicians. His songs are timeless classics. But have you ever wondered about the woman who inspired some of his greatest hits? Let’s delve into the life of Elizabeth Ann Weber.

A Glimpse into Elizabeth Ann Weber’s Life

Elizabeth Ann Weber: (Billy Joel's ex-wife) - Everything to Know
Elizabeth Ann Weber | Source: Getty Images

Elizabeth Ann Weber was born in 1942 in New York, USA. While her family background remains a mystery, we do know that she attended a private high school. After high school, she pursued higher education at New York University, although her field of study remains undisclosed.

Behind the Scenes: Elizabeth as Billy Joel’s Financial Manager

Although details about her career before becoming Billy Joel’s financial manager are scarce, she was pivotal in managing all his business deals and contracts.

Age is Just a Number

As of January 2023, Elizabeth Weber is 81 years old, born in 1942, although her birth date remains undisclosed.

The Woman Behind the Music

Elizabeth Ann Weber: (Billy Joel's ex-wife) - Everything to Know
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Billy Joel’s songs like “She’s Got a Way” and “Just The Way You Are” were inspired by his relationship with Elizabeth Anne Weber. Their love story was a significant influence on his songwriting. Despite this, their relationship faced its share of challenges. Those close to Joel described Weber as “controlling,” “manipulative,” and “rude.”

Elizabeth’s Marital History

Elizabeth Ann Weber’s marital history is intriguing. she has been married at least twice in her lifetime. Her first marriage was to Jon Small, the drummer of The Hassles rock group, which also featured Billy Joel. This initial marriage didn’t last long, as Jon and Elizabeth parted ways when her affair with Billy Joel came to light. Despite knowing she was Jon’s wife, Billy Joel couldn’t resist her charm.

However, Elizabeth Weber and Billy Joel eventually married in September 1973. Billy Joel’s passionate love for her led to songs like “She’s Got a Way” and “Just The Way You Are.” Notably, their marriage did not result in any children.

The Ups and Downs of Their Relationship

Elizabeth Ann Weber: (Billy Joel's ex-wife) - Everything to Know
Billy Joel and Wife Elizabeth Weber. Photo: Ron Galella / Source: Getty Images

Billy Joel and Elizabeth Ann Weber’s marriage had its ups and downs. Despite his efforts to save the relationship, they divorced in 1982 after being together for nine years. Billy had hoped for reconciliation even after the divorce and went to great lengths to please Elizabeth, including buying her a $4 million house.

The relationship took a drastic turn when Billy was involved in an accident that injured both arms. During a hospital visit, Elizabeth presented him with a contract, asking him to relinquish his assets to her. This shocking turn of events led Billy to move on. Since then, he has been married three more times to Christie Brinkley, Katie Lee, and Alexis Roderick.

Where is Elizabeth Weber Today?

As of 2023, Elizabeth Ann Weber is 81 years old and leads a private life away from the spotlight. It remains uncertain whether she is still alive or where she resides.

In contrast, Billy Joel has moved forward, experiencing several marriages and divorces since his union with Elizabeth Ann Weber. His romantic life has seen marriages with Christie Brinkley, Katie Lee, and Alexis Roderick, with whom he remains.

Despite Elizabeth Ann Weber’s retreat from the public eye, curiosity about her remains. Her story reminds me of the lasting impact one person can have on a legendary musician’s life and career.





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