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emily threlkeld

Emily Threlkeld, a remarkable American entrepreneur and publicist, holds a special place in the heart of former US Congressman Harold Ford Jr. This dynamic duo’s love story has captured the attention of many, and Emily’s intriguing life journey adds a unique dimension to their story.

Who is Emily Threlkeld?

Meet Emily Threlkeld, the American fashion entrepreneur and publicist known for her understated yet impactful presence in the industry. Born on January 2, 1981, in Naples, Florida, Emily carries a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from the University of Miami, class of 2003.

How old is Emily Threlkeld?

At 42, Emily Threlkeld, born on January 2, 1981, embraces the Capricorn star sign, a testament to her strong and determined personality.

What is her career?

As a university graduate, Emily made her mark as a publicist for Nina Ricci, showcasing her styling prowess with celebrities like Renee Zellweger and Jada Pinkett-Smith. Additionally, she assisted Mario Grauso, the group president of Nina Ricci and Carolina Herrera labels. Emily also contributed to her husband’s endeavors as a research director.

Who is Emily Threlkeld’s husband?

Emily’s partner in life is Harold Eugene Ford Jr., an accomplished American financial managing director, author, and former U.S. Congressman. Born in 1970 in Memphis, TN, he represented Tennessee’s 9th congressional district from 1997 to 2007 as a Democratic Party member.

How many children do they have?


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In their personal life, Emily and Harold Ford Jr. tied the knot on April 26, 2008. Together, they are proud parents to a daughter named Georgia Walker Ford and a son, Harold Eugene Ford III, born in May 2015.

Who is Harold Ford’s dad?

Harold Eugene Ford Sr., an American politician and Democratic former United States House of Representatives member, represented Memphis, Tennessee, for 11 terms, making history as the first African-American to represent Tennessee in the U.S. Congress.

What is Emily Threlkeld’s net worth?

Delving into Emily’s financial success, this passionate businesswoman boasts a net worth estimated between $2 million and $3 million. Meanwhile, her millionaire husband, Harold Ford Jr., possesses total assets of $3 million and owns grand properties across the United States.

The final note resonates with grace and achievement in the symphony of Emily Threlkeld’s life. From her notable career to the bliss of family, Emily’s story concludes as a melody of inspiration, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of success.






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