Felix Chang Hong Grant: Hugh Grant’s Son – Everything to Know

Felix Chang Hong Grant Hugh Grant’s Son - Everything to Know

Have you ever wondered about the intriguing story of Felix Chang Hong Grant, the son of renowned actor Hugh Grant? Join us as we uncover the fascinating details of Felix’s birth, his mother, and the impact he’s had on his father’s life.

Felix Chang Hong Grant: A Joyful Arrival

Felix Chang Hong Grant: Hugh Grant’s Son - Everything to Know
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Felix Chang Hong Grant, the third child of English actor Hugh Grant, came into the world on December 29, 2012, at the Portland Hospital in London. Felix Chang Hong Grant’s mother, Mrs. Hong, gave birth to him. Interestingly, Felix’s name carries a profound meaning – ‘Felix’ in Latin signifies happiness, ‘Chang’ in Chinese means long-lived, and ‘Hong’ translates to ‘happy surprise.’ It’s a name that perfectly encapsulates his unique beginnings.

A Hidden Birth

For some time, Hugh Grant kept Felix’s birth a well-guarded secret. When the Daily Mail reached out with congratulations, the news became public. This mysterious approach added an element of intrigue to Felix’s early days.

Family Life

Felix resides with his mother in a £1.2 million terraced house in Fulham, West London, a property gifted to Mrs Hong by her actor father. Despite being in the public eye, Grant has been remarkably private about sharing photographs of his third child, Felix Chang Hong Grant.

The Impact of Fatherhood

Felix Chang Hong Grant Hugh Grant’s Son - Everything to Know
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Fatherhood has brought about a profound transformation in Hugh Grant’s life. He openly acknowledges that the birth of Felix Chang Hong Grant and his other children has positively influenced his perspective. This transformation has reshaped his views on marriage and parenthood, proving that even the most unexpected events bring great joy.

Meet Felix Chang Hong Grant’s Mother

Felix’s mother, Tinglan Hong, originally hails from Zhejiang Province in eastern China. She moved to the UK in 2003 and holds a degree in hotel management from the University of Surrey. Before her relationship with Hugh Grant, she worked as a receptionist in a Chinese restaurant.

Unmarried Parents

Despite their short-lived affair, Felix Chang Hong Grant’s parents, Hugh and Tinglan, never tied the knot. Their relationship was a well-kept secret to preserve Hong’s privacy and reputation. The media’s intense scrutiny of her when she became the mother of Grant’s child underscored the need for discretion.

Brief Reunion


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While Hugh Grant and Tinglan initially separated, there’s speculation that they briefly reunited, leading to Felix’s conception. At that time, Hugh had just become a father to another child with his current wife, Anne Eberstein. Before this, Tinglan had a relationship with Robert Hodge, specializing in car sales.

Hugh Grant’s Current Marriage

Hugh Grant is now married to Swedish native Anna Eberstein. The couple exchanged vows at the Chelsea registry office on May 25, 2018. Anna holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Uppsala University and has a marketing and advertising production background. This union marked a new chapter in Grant’s life.

Felix’s Siblings

Felix Chang Hong Grant is part of a diverse family with a unique blend of half-siblings. His elder sister, Tabitha Saio Xi Hong Grant, was born 17 months before him during Grant’s affair with Tinglan. John Mungo Grant, born in September 2018, is Hugh’s first child with Anna Eberstein. Additionally, Hugh and Anna welcomed another child in March 2015, and their family continues to grow.

Felix’s fascinating journey reflects the complexities of family life and the joy that can arise from surprises. Ultimately, it’s a testament to the enduring love and support of those who matter most.





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