Gina Martin: (Dean Martin’s daughter) – Everything to Know

Gina Martin (Dean Martin's daughter) - Everything to Know

Has she ever wondered about the life of Gina Martin Wilson, the daughter of the legendary Dean Martin and wife of the late Carl Wilson? Let’s delve into her intriguing journey and discover what she’s been up to.

Gina Martin Wilson

Born Gina Caroline Martin, she is the daughter of the late Dean Martin and Jeanne Martin. Her father, Dean Martin, a prominent entertainer, died from emphysema in 1995, while her mother left this world in 2016. Gina is of mixed American heritage, with her father having Irish-Italian roots and her mother being of white ethnicity.

Age and Location

As of April 2023, Gina Martin Wilson is 66 and resides in Los Angeles, California, USA.

A Family of Many

Gina Martin (Dean Martin's daughter) - Everything to Know
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Thanks to her father’s three marriages, Gina comes from a large family. She has two biological siblings, Dean Paul and Ricci Martin, and five half-siblings: Sasha, Claudia, Gail, Craig, and Deana.

A Glimpse into Gina’s Career

While Gina hasn’t shared much about her career, it’s known that she was a former actress. Her IMDb credits include “Action Family” (1987) and “The Dean Martin Show” (1965), where she appeared as herself.

Love Story: Gina and Carl

Gina’s life turned interesting when she met Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys band at Madame Wong’s in West L.A., where her brother Ricci performed. Carl, who had recently divorced Annie Hinsche, developed feelings for Gina, and the two began dating. They tied the knot in Las Vegas on November 8, 1987, and their love endured until Carl’s tragic passing from lung cancer in February 1998.

A Life in Privacy

After Carl’s death, Gina Martin Wilson remained out of the spotlight, leaving fans curious about her life. She did not remarry, and her whereabouts remain largely unknown.

Where Is She Now?

Today, at 66 years old, Gina maintains a low profile, keeping her personal life under wraps. Her brief acting career in productions like “Action Family” and “The Dean Martin Show” seems to be a distant memory.

In conclusion, Gina Martin Wilson’s journey, from her famous family to her marriage to Carl Wilson, is a captivating story of a life intertwined with fame and a conscious choice for a quiet existence. While she may have left the glitz and glamour of Hollywood behind, the curiosity surrounding her remains as strong as ever.





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