Girlfriend Wets The Bed – My Experiences

girlfriend wets the bed

My girlfriend has a habit of wetting the bed. It just appeared to end when puberty kicked in. “Oh, she won’t wet the bed tonight!” she always remarked. But she did it every night of the week, which didn’t help. I was ashamed to invite people over since my girlfriend would hang the sheet over the banister every day, and the home smelled like ammonia.

I used to put a diaper on him every night, but they didn’t manufacture those pull-ups like they do now. Adult diapers were not available in stores, at least not that I could locate. Putting diapers on him with masking tape was difficult, but it was necessary.

girlfriend wets the bed

I did react to a grocery shop card and scheduled an appointment with two specialists who stated that it was a question of brain waves. Everyone goes through sleep stages, and some people move from mere slumber to really deep sleep. It’s like jumping over a cliff, comparable to how individuals who take drugs or drink excessively feel. People lose control of their physiological functions at that time.

Their treatment plan focused entirely on sleep training, which sounded fantastic to me, but I couldn’t afford it at the moment. That was thirty years ago. Things have changed dramatically, and many now undergo sleep tests.

That is something I strongly advise. Use diapers till then! Don’t attempt to argue that it won’t happen – it will.

girlfriend wets the bed

Liquid restrictions are ineffective. That has happened to folks I know. An alarm that goes off when the bed becomes wet doesn’t work; my neighbor tried it with her son. The bed is already wet by the time the alarm goes off. All of this is simply torment for the youngster. Even if you did not drink anything for a whole day, your body would continue to process urine.

Schedule a sleep study with your girlfriend. Aside from that, use diapers and assure them that this is normal and that it will pass.




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