Meet Glenda Bautista – Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Dave Bautista’s First Wife

In the realm of captivating narratives, the story of Glenda Bautista, renowned as the former spouse of the multifaceted Dave Bautista, emerges as a tale that intertwines love, fame, and resilience. Her luminance in the public eye greatly benefits her union with the American luminary, an actor and former professional wrestler. 

The chronicle commences in the late 1980s when destiny orchestrated their initial encounter. United by the bonds of affection, they embarked on a marital journey in 1990, encapsulating their youthful passion within matrimony vows. Alas, the ephemeral nature of human relationships led them down separate paths, and by the close of the decade, their union dissolved in the intricacies of divorce.

Full Name: Glenda Bautista
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: February 5th, 1970
Glenda Bautista’s Age: 53 years old
Nationality: American
Glenda Bautista’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 6 inches
Glenda Bautista’s Net Worth: $200k to $300k USD
Marital Status: Married

A Journey Unfolds: Glenda’s Upbringing and Academic Odyssey

In the heart of the vibrant city of New York, Glenda Bautista Baker graced the world with her presence. Though the precise year of her birth remains a subject of conjecture, prevailing sources converge on February 5, 1970. Yet, the tapestry of her familial origins and upbringing remains veiled in the shroud of privacy, undisclosed to the public gaze.

Educational prowess illuminated Glenda’s path as she pursued academia with fervour. Acquiring a degree in Information Systems from Fordham University marked the commencement of her intellectual expedition. Subsequently, the halls of the University at Albany beckoned, where her scholarly pursuits led her to embrace the realm of English. In this tapestry of learning, she also adorned herself with the threads of Journalism and Fine Arts, enhancing her tapestry of knowledge.

An Unseen Genesis: Glenda’s Fateful Meeting with David Bautista

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Beyond the realm of fame, the saga of Glenda and David unfurled before David Bautista’s ascent to wrestling and acting eminence. Unfortunately, the chronicles of their initial encounter remain shrouded in mystery, concealed by the mists of time. Historians are left to surmise that their destinies converged during the enigmatic 1980s in Washington, DC, the hallowed grounds of David’s upbringing. At that juncture, David donned the mantle of a bouncer, a vocation he embraced from the tender age of 17, a role he fulfilled until he entered his third decade.

Their union was consecrated in 1990 when youth adorned their spirits, and love kindled their hearts. David, a mere 21 years of age, stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Glenda, who, at 20, embraced the journey of matrimony. Financial constraints cast their shadows upon this fledgling love, as the nature of David’s profession painted their livelihoods with austerity. It was a pivotal Christmas, punctuated by borrowed funds from his employer, that urged David to reshape his destiny, infusing it with meaning and purpose.

A Farewell to Love: The Unraveling of Glenda and David’s Bond

The symphony of their marriage echoed until 1998, a year antecedent to David’s metamorphosis into a professional wrestler. Regrettably, the cryptic circumstances that spurred their separation and the clauses underpinning their divorce remained ensconced within their private sphere. The world at large was left to ponder, with bated breath, the enigma of their parting.

Offsprings of Endearment: Glenda’s Maternal Joy

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From the crucible of their union, Glenda and David forged a legacy of parenthood, blessed with the gift of two daughters. The first, Keilani Bautista, drew her first breath in the same year marital vows were exchanged – 1990. Shrouded in a cocoon of privacy, Keilani’s life eludes the public eye, her narrative an untold problem.

Keilani, now a 33-year-old enigma, embarked on her journey of motherhood, graced by the presence of two sons, Aiden and Jacob. While the annals of genealogy debate whether the brothers share the mantle of twins, their presence infused Glenda’s life with the radiance of grandmotherhood.

The second daughter, Athena Bautista, emerged from the shadows, casting her silhouette upon the public stage. Born in 1992, this 31-year-old scion traversed the spotlight for profound and lamentable reasons. The year 2010 bore witness to Athena’s inadvertent ascent to notoriety, her name echoing through the digital realm as an explicit video surfaced, a stark testament to her vulnerability. She navigated the tumultuous seas of public scrutiny with courage, an emblem of human resilience.

Resilience in Love’s Afterglow: Glenda’s Second Journey

As the curtain fell on her marriage with David Bautista, Glenda’s heart endured a solitary vigil, undisturbed by the melodies of matrimony. Yet, 2014 marked a renaissance as she embraced the prospect of love anew, exchanging vows with Chris Baker. The echoes of their union resounded harmoniously, reverberating through five years of shared joys, culminating in a jubilant celebration at the World Series Game 4. Houston Astros’ field was the theatre of their happiness, where Chris, a fervent supporter, witnessed victory firsthand.

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Mysteries enshroud the genesis of their romance, yet the testament of their devotion manifested in the birth of their progeny in April 2020. This union bore fruit after six years of harmonious coexistence. For Glenda, this marked her second foray into matrimonial bonds, while for Chris, it was an inaugural journey fortified by the arrival of their child.

A Symphony of Artistry and Union: Chris Baker’s Odyssey

Within Chris Baker, the realm of artistry thrived harmoniously. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, class of 1999, he embarked on a voyage through the advertising landscape. His odyssey meandered through diverse roles, including endeavours with, Ziff Davis Media, and LucasArts, culminating in a rendezvous with Marvel Studios, a chapter suffused with creative resonance.

A Tale of Redemption and Fractured Bonds: David Bautista’s Quest for Love

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David Bautista’s narrative unfolded against a backdrop of love sought, found, and eventually relinquished. Following his divorce from Glenda, he embarked on a second marriage with Angie Bautista. Their fateful encounter transpired within the walls of a bar, where love took root and flourished into marriage. While their journey was imbued with joy, the spectre of illness loomed as Angie battled cancer with David by her side. Yet, after eight years of shared life, the echoes of their love faltered, yielding to the symphony of separation.

In his autobiography, Batista Unleashed, penned in 2007, David bared the shadows of his transgressions. Amidst Angie’s courageous battle with cancer, he grappled with the guilt of infidelity, an admission reverberating through time’s corridors. Though not definitively ascertained, the tumult of emotions could have been the storm that capsized their marriage.

In 2015, David’s heart found solace in the arms of professional dancer Sarah Jade. I painted a canvas adorned with love and shared dreams for four years. Yet, the portrait of their union was regrettably brief, as the year 2019 witnessed the dissolution of their vows. Since then, David’s heart has not entertained the prospect of a subsequent marriage.

Resilience in Professional Tapestry: Glenda Bautista’s Endeavors

Amidst the ebbs and flows of personal endeavours, Glenda’s professional odyssey mirrored her tenacity. While her narrative bears the relics of her association with David Bautista, her tapestry is woven with vibrant threads of career milestones. Embarking on her journey as an editorial assistant with The Sauce, she navigated the corridors of experience. Her tenure as WCDB’s General Manager in 1997 marked a fleeting but impactful chapter.

Her journey carried her to DoubleClick, Inc., where she adorned the mantle of a Senior Sales Engineer. The evolution continued to beckon as she transitioned to Senior Web Developer and Sponsorship Studio Designer roles. extended its embrace in 2003, enlisting her as the Ad Operations Manager. The dance of transitions led her to McClatchy, where she embodied the essence of a Senior Sales Engineer.

In 2006, her journey veered into Technorati, where she embarked on the role of Product Manager in advertising. A symphony of experiences followed, with her contributions enriching organizations, including Healthline Media, Varick Media Management, AOL, CoPromote, and iHeartMedia. Presently, her strides resonate with Quantcast, where she graces the position of Lead Product Manager, commencing her vacation in 2021.




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