Meet Hendrix Wilburn: Her Age, Birthday, Family, Biography

hendrix wilburn

Hendrix Wilburn, born on December 15, 2018, is a charming 5-year-old American celebrity kid, best recognized as the sixth child of the renowned American rapper and record producer Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, affectionately known as Future, and his former girlfriend, Joie Chavis.

A Star is Born in 2018

Hendrix came into this world on December 15, 2018, in the United States of America, proudly claiming his African-American heritage. He’s a Sagittarius, and although he’s still relatively young, there’s much curiosity about his upbringing. He’s most likely being homeschooled at his tender age, and his future career remains a mystery yet to unfold.


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Hendrix Wilburn’s Father: The Celebrated Rapper Future

Hendrix’s father, Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, who goes by Future, is one of America’s most celebrated rappers. Born in Atlanta on November 20, 1983, he ventured into the music scene in 2010 with acclaimed mixtapes like True Story, Dirty Sprite, and 1000. Future’s rise to stardom was aided by his cousin, Rico Wade, under the Dungeon Family.

When it comes to love and relationships, Future has a colourful history. Before and after his relationship with Hendrix’s mother, Joie Chavis, he was linked with several notable women, including Jessica Smith, India. J. Londy, Brittni Mealy, Cindy Parker, Larsa Pippen, Eliza Reign, Aaleeyah Petty, Blac Chyna, Ciara, Lori Harvey, and Dess Dior.

Meet Joie Chavis: Hendrix’s Multi-Talented Mother

Hendrix’s mother, Joie Chavis, is a versatile personality. She’s a YouTuber, fitness trainer, dancer, model, and entrepreneur. Her popularity surged when her relationship with Future became tabloid fodder. Joie was a backup dancer for renowned artists like Janelle Monae, Tank, Eric Bellinger, and Future.

On social media, Joie shines with a 177k-strong following on her YouTube channel, “Joie In Life,” where she shares workout routines, diet tips, and fitness equipment insights. Her Instagram account, @joiechavis, boasts over 2.3 million followers, featuring glimpses into her life, children, and endorsed brands.

Joie’s commitment to health and fitness extends to her brand, offering products like fitness equipment, swimwear, and athletic apparel. Additionally, she runs an online store with various health and fitness-related merchandise and even has her clothing line named after her daughter, Shai Moss.

The Story of Hendrix’s Parents


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Future and Joie Chavis once made headlines with their high-profile relationship. In 2018, Joie excitedly announced her pregnancy on social media, though she initially kept the child’s father’s identity under wraps. Her lavish baby shower included a gift of a 5-carat diamond watch from Future.

Unfortunately, their love story eventually ended, and while the public never learned the exact reason for their breakup, it’s speculated that Future’s history of dating different women may have played a role. Despite the separation, they’ve managed to maintain an amicable relationship for the sake of their son.

Hendrix’s Siblings: A Growing Family


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Hendrix is not alone in his family. He has half-siblings from both his parents:

  • Jakobi Wilburn: The eldest child of Future, born on June 30, 2002, in Los Angeles. Jakobi followed in his father’s footsteps as a rapper.
  • Prince Wilburn: Born on December 5, 2012, to Future and Brittni Mealy, an influencer and entrepreneur.
  • Future Zahir Wilburn: Also known as Future Jr., he was born on May 19, 2014, to Future and singer Ciara.
  • Kash Wilburn: Information about Kash Wilburn and his mother remains private.
  • Paris Wilburn: Born to Future and an ex-girlfriend named Jenelle, Paris’s birthdate is undisclosed.
  • Reign Wilburn: Born to Future and Eliza Reign during their relationship.
  • Londyn Wilburn: Future’s daughter was born on March 19, 2009, from his relationship with India J.
  • Shai Moss: Hendrix’s half-sister was born to Joie Chavis and rapper Bow Wow on April 27, 2011.

Hendrix’s Wealth

At a young age, Hendrix doesn’t possess personal wealth. However, his father, Future, boasts an estimated net worth of $40 million from his music career and endorsements. Joie Chavis, Hendrix’s mother, enjoys an estimated net worth of approximately $1.2 million, earned through modelling, social media influence, brand partnerships, and her entrepreneurial endeavours.

In conclusion, Hendrix Wilburn may be just a child, but he’s living a life of luxury and comfort, surrounded by a talented and successful family. His Future holds endless possibilities, and the world eagerly awaits the unfolding of his story.





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