Meet Henry Cavill’s Amazing Siblings

Henry Cavill, the full-fledged human and incredibly attractive actor, has a remarkable family, with four brothers – Piers, Niki, Simon, and Charles Cavill. While he’s the most famous of the bunch, his brothers boast equally fascinating lives.

Close-Knit Family Ties

Despite his fame, Henry Cavill cherishes his strong bond with his brothers, often showcasing their closeness at red-carpet events. He takes pride in supporting their endeavours, even standing as the best man when Charles, the youngest sibling, tied the knot. This enduring connection reflects the deep-rooted camaraderie among the Cavill brothers.

Henry Cavill’s Siblings: A Brief Introduction

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Henry Cavill’s siblings are Piers Cavill, Niki Cavill, Simon Cavill, And Charles Cavill. They hail from England, born to Colin Cavill and Marianne Dalgliesh. Colin worked as a stockbroker, and Marianne initially taught aromatherapy and massage before becoming a bank secretary.

Growing Up in Jersey

The Cavill brothers grew up on the picturesque island of Jersey, an upbringing marked by the typical chaos of a household filled with energetic boys. While sibling rivalry often led to rough-and-tumble skirmishes, they adhered to one cardinal rule: no punches to the face. This shared history forged an unbreakable bond among the brothers that endures to this day.

Brothers by His Side

Henry Cavill’s commitment to his brothers remains unwavering. He frequently spends quality time with them and attributes his self-confidence to their unwavering support. Their genuine admiration for his on-screen work bolsters his belief that he’s making a positive impact.

Piers Cavill: The Oldest Brother


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Piers Cavill, the eldest of the Cavill clan, was born around 1971, making him approximately 12 years older than Henry. His British heritage and Caucasian ethnicity mirror those of his siblings. Piers’ academic journey took him to the University of the West of England in 1993, where he graduated in 1996 with a degree in business decision analysis.

While Piers possessed the credentials for a corporate career, he chose a different path, joining the British Army in 1996. Nearly a decade of service saw him rise through the ranks to become an officer. After leaving the Army in 2006, Piers entered the corporate world, holding diverse roles in various companies.

Armed with additional certifications from the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments, Piers Cavill has excelled in roles such as portfolio manager for private wealth management firms. He’s also served as the COO of Brooks MacDonald, an investment management services provider based in London, England.

Currently, Piers Cavill serves as the country director of Annexio Jersey Limited, a rapidly growing online gaming company. Additionally, he holds the position of director at Jersey Laser Scanning Limited, a company specializing in advanced laser technology for 2D and 3D house drawings used by construction companies.

While Piers maintains a low profile and eschews social media, his marital status and family life remain a well-kept secret.

Niki Cavill: A Royal Marine Corps Hero


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Niki Cavill, Henry Cavill’s second eldest brother, was born in 1975, making him eight years Henry’s senior. Following his school graduation, Niki embarked on a military career, joining the Royal Marines Corp in 1999. His dedication and courage in service led to several operational tours, including three in Afghanistan.

Niki’s bravery and commitment earned him recognition in 2012 when he was honoured with an MBE by the Queen. This distinguished award celebrated his remarkable contributions during his tour in Afghanistan from March to September 2011, where he played a pivotal role in ensuring local safety by collaborating with local authorities.

In 2016, Niki reached another career milestone as he was appointed commander of the 30 Commando Information Exploitation Group, an elite unit within the Royal Marine Corps. Tasked with gathering critical intelligence behind enemy lines, Niki’s leadership was hailed as exceptional.

Despite his heroic feats, Niki Cavill maintains a private life, leaving the details of his relationships shrouded in mystery. His close relationship with Henry underscores their shared bond, with Henry consistently supporting the Royal Marine Corps.

Simon Cavill: The Immediate Elder Brother


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Simon Granville Dalgliesh Cavill, Henry’s immediate elder brother, was born in 1979, making him roughly four years older than the actor. Simon also had a stint in the military but has since transitioned to a different career path. He now works as a compliance officer and serves as a director in several companies, including Kensington Films Limited, Grey Knight Services Ltd, and Tauromachian Limited.

Simon has made appearances alongside Henry on the red carpet, and he played a prominent role as a groomsman at Charles’ wedding.

Charles Cavill: The Young Entrepreneur and Film Producer


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Charles Cavill, the youngest brother, has a two-year age gap with Henry. He pursued higher education at the University of the West of England, where he majored in marketing, accounting, and economics, graduating in 2008. Charles possesses a wealth of experience in sales and project management, having served in senior roles at IDG Communication and as the senior vice president of film and media production at HCMT from 2011 to 2015.

Currently based in Alberta, Calgary, Canada, Charles is married to Heather Cavill. Together, they’ve established Cavill and Wicks Candle Co., a company renowned for crafting unique luxury-scented candles made from a blend of soy and coconut. Charles Cavill maintains an active presence on Instagram, where he boasts 23,000 followers.

In conclusion, Henry Cavill’s close-knit relationship with his four brothers – Piers, Niki, Simon, and Charles – reflects a bond that transcends fame. Each sibling has pursued unique paths, from military service to entrepreneurship, with shared support and admiration for one another, embodying the power of family ties.





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