Ingrid Quinn: Boreanaz’s ex-wife – All about her

ingrid quinn

Ingrid Quinn, known to many as the former spouse of the renowned Hollywood actor David Boreanaz, has always preferred a life away from the public eye. Let’s take a closer look at what we know about her.

Ingrid Quinn’s Background

Ingrid Quinn, born on May 16, 1970, in New York, USA, is celebrated as a distinguished social worker. She holds American citizenship and practices Christianity. However, details about her family, childhood, and education remain undisclosed.

Age and Appearance

As of 2023, Ingrid Quinn is 53 years old. She stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (160 centimeters) and weighs approximately 121 pounds (55 kilograms). Her distinctive features include dark brown hair and eyes.

Ingrid Quinn’s Career

Before her marriage to David Boreanaz, Ingrid embarked on a career as a social worker. It is uncertain whether she returned to this profession following her divorce.

David Boreanaz: A Hollywood Icon

David Boreanaz, known for his roles in hit series like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Angel,” and “Bones,” has had a remarkable career spanning over two decades. His portrayal of Angel in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” earned him immense acclaim. He later led the spin-off series “Angel,” which ran from 1999 to 2004. Boreanaz’s success continued with his role as FBI Agent Seeley Booth in “Bones,” among other notable appearances.

Ingrid Quinn’s Online Presence

In contrast to the digital age, Ingrid Quinn does not maintain any active social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

David Boreanaz’s Marital Journey

David Boreanaz’s first marriage was to Ingrid Quinn in 1997, following three years of dating. However, their union ended in 1999 due to irreconcilable differences. David later married American model and actress Jaime Bergman in 2001. Their marriage faced challenges when David admitted to an extramarital affair with Rachel Uchitel in 2010.

David Boreanaz’s Family

David and Jaime have two children: Jaden, born on May 1, 2002, and Bella, born on August 31, 2009.

Net Worth

Ingrid Quinn’s estimated net worth is $500,000. Meanwhile, David Boreanaz boasts an estimated net worth of $30 million as of 2023, accumulated through his thriving entertainment career.

In conclusion, Ingrid Quinn’s life has been marked by privacy and discretion, away from the spotlight despite her connection to Hollywood star David Boreanaz. Her career as a social worker and her personal choices reflect her commitment to leading a low-profile life. 

In contrast, Boreanaz has enjoyed immense success in the entertainment industry, amassing considerable wealth. Together, their stories add unique layers to the tapestry of celebrity life in the United States.





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