The Enigmatic Life of Jane Dobbins Green: Ray Kroc’s Second Wife

jane dobbins green

Ray Kroc, the visionary mind behind the billion-dollar McDonald’s franchise spanning 38,000 locations across 100 countries, led a life filled with business triumphs and personal intricacies. Among the aspects of his life that have piqued his curiosity is his relationship with his second wife, Jane Dobbins Green. In this article, we delve into the enigmatic persona of Jane Dobbins Green, shedding light on what little is known about her.

A Quiet Presence in Ray Kroc’s Life

Ray Kroc and Jane Dobbins Green were once partners on life’s journey, although their union eventually parted ways as Kroc moved on to marry his third wife, Joan Beverly Kroc. During the zenith of Ray Kroc’s controversial fame, Jane remained reclusive, casting a shadow far less prominent than her famous ex-husband. Here, given the limited details at our disposal, we present a summary of the available information regarding her life.

The Elusive Figure: Jane Dobbins Green

Many reports grapple with a shortage of concrete information about Jane Dobbins Green. Basic facts, such as her birthplace, current residence, or vital status, remain uncertain. Nevertheless, prevailing reports suggest that she may have departed from this world. Here is what else we have managed to gather about her life.

Ray Kroc’s First Wife: Ethel Fleming

Before Jane, Ray Kroc’s journey in matrimony began with Ethel Fleming in 1922. However, their union was not destined to stand the test of time, culminating in their divorce in 1961.

Ethel’s Quiet Life After the Split

Following their separation, Ethel largely retreated from the limelight, maintaining a low profile throughout her life. It is reported that Ethel peacefully passed away on December 26, 1965, in Miami, Florida, succumbing to natural causes.

The Meeting of Ray Kroc and Joan

Ray Kroc’s third and final marriage was to Joan Beverly Kroc, a steadfast companion who remained by his side until his passing in 1984. Joan’s journey to wedded bliss with Ray began in 1957 when she was employed at the Criterion Restaurant in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she played the organ.

At their initial meeting, Ray was still married to Ethel and subsequently to Jane. However, his heart never fully moved on, eventually leading to their marriage in 1969.

Ray Kroc’s Purchase of McDonald’s

While Ray Kroc is lauded as one of the founding figures of the McDonald’s franchise, the reality is that he acquired it from its original owners, the McDonald brothers, Richard and Maurice, who hailed from a Scottish immigrant lineage. In 1961, Kroc purchased the franchise, which had its humble beginnings as a hot dog stand, for a substantial $2.7 million cash.

Ray Kroc’s Offspring

Despite his marriages to his second and third wives yielding no children, Ray Kroc had one child with his first wife, Ethel, named Marilyn Kroc Barg. Tragically, Marilyn passed away on September 11, 1973.

The Legacy of McDonald’s

With his sole child preceding him in death, questions arose about the heir to the vast McDonald’s fortune. It is reported that Raymond’s estate passed into the hands of his final wife, Joan, who subsequently devoted a significant portion of her inherited wealth to charitable causes.

Jane Dobbins Green: A Mystery Unraveled

Although much of Jane Dobbins Green’s life remains concealed behind a veil of obscurity, it is evident that she preferred a life away from the public eye. If online reports hold, her journey on this earth may have concluded, remembering her story as a fleeting chapter in the remarkable saga of Ray Kroc and the McDonald’s empire.





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