Meet Janet Surtees: (James Arness’ wife) – All about her

Meet Janet Surtees (James Arness' wife) - All about her

Many remember Janet Surtees as the beloved wife of the late American actor James Arness, who became iconic during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Even after his passing, people remain curious about Janet and her life. Let’s delve into what we know about this remarkable lady.

Janet Surtees: A Brief Biography

Janet Surtees Arness is an American woman renowned as the wife of the late James Arness, celebrated for his role as Marshal Matt Dillon in the long-running CBS TV series Gunsmoke. James was also known as the older brother of actor Peter Graves. He started his career as a radio announcer in Minnesota in 1945 and passed away at 88 at his Los Angeles home on June 3, 2011, from natural causes.

Janet Surtees’ Age and Birthday

Meet Janet Surtees (James Arness' wife) - All about her
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While Janet’s current age remains undisclosed, details about her date of birth and birthplace are not publicly known. James was born on May 26, 1923, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and passed away at 88.

Janet Surtees’ Height

Janet hasn’t shared her height measurements, but she is of average stature. We’ll provide more details when available.

Janet Surtees and James Arness: A Loving Marriage

Janet Surtees married James Arness on December 16, 1978, and their love endured until James’s passing in 2011. James first married Virginia Chapman in 1948 and adopted Virginia’s son, Craig. They had two children together, Rolf and Jenny Lee Arness. The couple enjoyed 33 years of happiness together.

Did Janet Surtees Appear on Gunsmoke?

While Janet and James met on the show, it could be clearer whether she appeared in the final official footage or was working behind the scenes.

Did James Arness Have Children?

James Arness, the celebrated actor, embraced fatherhood with love and warmth, adopting his stepson Craig and sharing parenthood with his previous wife, Virginia Chapman, as they welcomed Jenny Lee Arness and Rolf Aurness. The couple did not have any biological children together.

What Led to James Arness’s Death?

James Arness died from natural causes at his Brentwood home in Los Angeles, with no further information available.

Their Combined Net Worth: $1 Million

In conclusion, Janet Surtees, the wife of iconic actor James Arness, remains an enigmatic figure. Their enduring love and her commitment to charitable causes define her post-Arness life. Although she shies away from the public eye, her story is a testament to the enduring power of love and philanthropy.





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