Javaughn J. Porter ( Blueface’s son ) – Everything to Know

javaughn j. porter

In the vibrant Los Angeles, California tapestry, a young star emerged on April 29, 2017. Javaughn J. Porter, the firstborn son of the renowned rapper Blueface, captivates with his unique blend of African-American, Asian, white, and Mexican roots. Let’s unravel the intriguing tale of this enigmatic six-year-old sensation.

Who Is Javaughn J. Porter?

Javaughn J. Porter, the charming son of the famous rapper Blueface, was born on April 29, 2017, in sunny Los Angeles, California. His unique mix of African-American, Asian, white, and Mexican heritage makes him even more captivating. But what do we know about this young star’s life? Let’s find out.

javaughn j. porter
Blueface son with mom Jaidyn (in 2021) / Instagram @bluefasebabyy

How old is Javaughn J. Porter?

Born on April 29, 2017, in Los Angeles, California, Javaughn J. Porter is six years old as of 2023. He’s growing up fast!

Meet Javaughn J. Porter’s Father

Javaughn J. Porter ( Blueface's son ) - Everything to Know
Image credit: Instagram @bluefasebabyy

Now, let’s talk about his father, the famous Blueface. Professionally known as Johnathan Jamall Porter, he’s an American rapper who gained fame in October 2018 with his unique style, especially in the viral music video for “Respect My Cryppin’.”

Does Blueface have any other kids?

Yes, he does. Blueface and his high school sweetheart, Jaidyn Alexis, are proud parents of two children. Javaughn, their six-year-old son, is the elder one, and they recently welcomed a daughter in August 2022.

javaughn j. porter
Image credit: Instagram @bluefasebabyy

How does Blueface still make money?

Blueface knows how to keep the money rolling in. He’s been flexing his income from OnlyFans, a content subscription service. In a revealing Instagram Story, he shared that he’s making $798,800.26 monthly from it. Quite the entrepreneur!

Javaughn J. Porter ( Blueface's son ) - Everything to Know
Image credit: Instagram @bluefasebabyy

Does Javaughn J. Porter have a social media account?

Javaughn J. Porter is only five years old, so that you won’t find him on social media platforms like Instagram. However, his proud parents occasionally share pictures of him on their accounts. You can follow Blueface‘s updates.

Javaughn J. Porter is undoubtedly an intriguing young figure, and with a father like Blueface, there’s no telling what the future might hold for this rising star.


How old is Blueface kids?

Born in 2017 6 years old in 2023.

When was Blueface son born?

28 April 2017.

What is Blueface’s sons name?

Javaughn J. Porter

Who is blue faces dad?

Johnathan Porter Sr.





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