Joe Scarborough Illness: An update on his health condition

joe scarborough illness

Recently, many people have turned to the internet for updates on Joe Scarborough’s health. Many wonder, “How is he doing?” and whether he’s healthy. The recent speculation about his deteriorating condition has sparked genuine concerns among his followers.

The outpouring of support for Joe Scarborough has been evident on various social media platforms, with thousands of individuals expressing their worries about his well-being. In response to these concerns, we have delved deeper into the matter to gather more information to shed light on Joe’s current health status.

Joe Scarborough’s Health

First and foremost, it’s important to clarify that Joe Scarborough is, in fact, in good health, according to reliable sources. Furthermore, Joe has a son with Hinton, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism, in 2015.

Despite persistent rumours to the contrary, Joe has not made any public announcements about his health. While family and friends acknowledge concerns, they remain uncertain about the nature of any potential health issues he may be facing.

The speculation that Joe might have contracted Covid-19 arose due to his televised mask appearances. However, he has not directly addressed these rumours. His prolonged absence from public life has also fueled concerns about his health.

Joe Scarborough’s Recent Health Journey


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Joe Scarborough, the host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” has confronted several health challenges in recent years. In 2003, he endured a heart attack that required five surgeries for recovery. More recently, he has openly discussed his battles with depression and anxiety.

Fresh health-related claims regarding Scarborough have surfaced, particularly concerning a “medical procedure” he underwent in November 2017, which led to his temporary absence from “Morning Joe.” The President’s comments at the time only added to the speculation surrounding his health.

Joe Scarborough has since returned to “Morning Joe” and directly addressed the rumours about his health. He firmly stated that these allegations are “untrue” and emphasized that he is as “healthy as a horse.” He expressed gratitude for the support from his colleagues and fans, describing it as “overwhelming.”

Reflecting on his recent illness, Joe remarked, “It’s been a little overwhelming.” He and his family sincerely appreciate the outpouring of support they have received. Despite his earlier openness about the “medical procedure,” he has not disclosed specific details.

Symptoms of Joe Scarborough’s Illness


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Due to Joe Scarborough’s illness, several “Morning Joe” episodes on MSNBC had to be cancelled. While some common symptoms are evident, the exact cause of his ailment remains uncertain. Here are the symptoms Joe Scarborough has been experiencing:

Fatigue: Scarborough’s recent exhaustion has prevented him from attending work regularly, prompting concern and well-wishes from viewers and listeners.

Weight Loss: It has been noted that Joe has lost significant weight in recent months, which may have contributed positively to his overall health.

Loss of Appetite: Scarborough has mentioned struggling with a lack of hunger, a symptom associated with various medical conditions that may lead to significant issues if left unaddressed.

Low Temperature: His low body temperature may indicate a more serious underlying health issue.

Muscle Atrophy: Joe Scarborough has openly discussed challenges related to muscle atrophy and how physical therapy has been instrumental in addressing this issue.

While these symptoms may be related to various conditions, Joe Scarborough’s medical status remains undisclosed. Our hope is for his swift recovery and return to his routine. We wish him the best and look forward to seeing him back in good health.





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