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Zendaya Stoermer Coleman, the iconic sensation of Hollywood, has always been vocal about her cherished family ties, a web that notably includes her half-brother, Julien Stoermer Coleman. Amidst the dazzle of global fame, Julien remains enigmatic, opting for a veiled existence. Beyond being recognized as Zendaya’s elder sibling, scant knowledge about his life and endeavours prevails, yet we’ve managed to piece together the crucial fragments.

The Shrouded Age

Julien Stoermer Coleman’s undeniable status as Zendaya’s elder brother is unequivocal. However, his precise birth date remains confined, a deliberate choice echoing his penchant for privacy. This has spurred various speculations surrounding his age. Some sources erroneously claim a birthdate of May 15, 1998, an inconsistency given Zendaya’s birth year 1996. Such an assertion would mistakenly position Zendaya as his elder, which contradicts the truth.

From Shadows to Shared Roots

Like his younger kin, Julien entered this world on American soil, likely in Oakland, California, the ground that also embraced Zendaya. Born of the previous relationship between his father, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, and an elusive woman now estranged, Julien’s ties with his blended family remain robust. Notably, he regards Zendaya’s mother, Claire Stoermer, as his maternal figure.

California Dreams 

The Coleman siblings were reared under the California sun, their academic journeys and intricate familial chronicles mostly shrouded. While the extent of Julien’s education remains undisclosed, it remains uncertain if he pursued higher learning, though a distinct career trajectory could be his current focus.

Unravelling the Veil

Julien Stoermer Coleman’s professional undertakings remain shielded from prying lenses, purposefully hidden from the media’s watchful gaze. Contrary to conjecture linking him to the entertainment realm like Zendaya, his true vocation diverges.

Forging the Path Less Traveled

Straying from showbiz allure, Julien’s pursuits gravitate toward fitness, reminiscent of his father, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. Kazembe, a pedagogue by profession, shares this arena with Julien’s stepmother, Claire. Thus, Zendaya’s foray into the performing arts stems not from familial emulation but from the influences she absorbed through her mother’s role at California Shakespeare Theater.

Kinship Untangled


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Speculation has often swirled around the dynamics between Zendaya and Julien. They are half-siblings, kinship defined by shared paternal lineage via Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. Divergent maternal origins set them apart—Claire Stoermer is Zendaya’s mother, while Julien’s mother remains a mystery, yet Claire holds the maternal title in his world.

Roots and Resonance

Their father is rooted in African-American heritage and serves as a testament to this lineage. However, Claire Stoermer hails from Scottish and German descent, the origins of Zendaya’s unique attributes. Julien’s parents divorced in 2016, but they remain united in their commitment to Zendaya, often visible during her public engagements.

The Siblings in Spectrum Julien Stoermer Coleman

Julien Stoermer Coleman’s expansive family canvas is a harmonious blend, the seams hidden so skillfully that differing maternal origins fade into the background. With Zendaya at the epicentre, the Coleman clan’s tapestry spans six siblings. Julien’s singular brother, Austin Stoermer Coleman, maintains a low profile akin to his elder sibling.

In the Shadows of Light 

Austin, the sole brother, shies away from the limelight, embracing privacy. Details of his endeavours elude the public gaze, yet speculation placed his birth on June 15, 1999. He’s primarily acknowledged as Zendaya’s elder brother.

The Unseen Bond

Katianna Stoermer Coleman, another of Julien’s siblings, mirrors his aversion to public attention. Despite this, her unwavering support for her luminary sister, Zendaya, underscores their close-knit bond. Information on Katianna’s birth and pursuits remains elusive, yet her influence on Zendaya’s formative years remains palpable.

A Veil of Mystery

Annabella Stoermer Coleman, the second daughter, upholds the family tradition of eschewing the spotlight. Her reclusive nature contrasts her enduring connection to her siblings, including Zendaya.

Parallel Pathways

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman, the immediate elder sibling to Zendaya, shares an age-close camaraderie with the star. A few joint appearances on the red carpet serve as their public testament. Besides these glimpses, Kaylee’s story remains concealed, symbolic of the Coleman siblings’ collective preference for privacy, allowing Zendaya to flourish independently in the spotlight.





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