Damian Lillard Meet His Wife Kay La Hanson

Kay La Hanson
In basketball, Damian Lillard has etched his name as one of the most remarkable talents of our time. With an illustrious career as the leading scorer in the history of the Portland Trail Blazers, his prowess on the court is a tale of its own. However, a glaring absence from his accolades is an NBA championship title and a spot in the finals.

Kay La Hanson Bio

Full name:  Kay La Hanson
Gender:  Female
Date of birth:  8 November 1991
Age:  31 years old (as of Marc 2023)
Nationality:  American
Height in feet:  5’5″
Marital status:  Married
Husband:  Damian Lillard
Children:  3

This void is not of his making but rather a testament to the uneven quality of the Blazers’ roster over the years. Yet, as his on-court achievements soar, the spotlight also turns to his life off the hardwood.

The basketball community knows Damian’s enduring partnership with his beloved wife, Kay la Hanson. A union blessed with the joys of parenthood as they nurture their twins, Damian Jr. and Kalii Laheem, and their daughter, Kali Emma Lee. Remarkably, their children arrived before their official nuptials. This naturally prompts the question: When did Damian and Kay’la exchange their vows?


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It was in the radiant days of September 2021 that Damian Lillard and Kay la Hanson united their destinies.

Almost two years have passed since Damian embarked on his journey as a married man. The year 2021 marked his triumphant claim to an Olympic gold medal and the celebration of love and commitment. The wedding drew a constellation of stars, including the venerable rapper Snoop Dogg, his fellow Blazer CJ McCollum, and the towering presence of Jusuf Nurkic. The icing on the cake was a live performance by the iconic Snoop Dogg, lending his rhythm to their cherished day.


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The story of how Damian and Kay’la’s paths intertwined dates back to their college years when young hearts found each other. Damian pursued his studies at Weber State University, emerging with a degree in professional sales. Remarkably, even as the demands of an NBA career beckoned, he ensured the completion of his education, a testament to his dedication on and off the court. His college basketball journey was a triumph, averaging 18.6 points per game with a three-point shooting accuracy of .390.

Coincidentally, Kay’la was also pursuing her education at the same esteemed institution. While Damian’s star was rising on the basketball stage, she was immersed in her nursing studies. The exact moment their fates intertwined remains a mystery, but Damian knelt and proposed during the backdrop of the global pandemic in 2020.

As they traverse the labyrinth of life hand in hand, their love remains unshaken. Amid their nurturing of three young souls, the pursuit of Damian’s elusive NBA championship title persists.

In Summary: Damian Lillard has solidified his status as a basketball legend, though the crown of an NBA championship eludes him. His partnership with Kay la Hanson, nurtured since their college days, blossomed into a wedding in September 2021, adorned with starry attendees and a Snoop Dogg performance. As they cherish parenthood and love, the hunger for that coveted NBA title burns brightly.




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