Meet Kevin Selleck: (Tom Selleck’s son) – Everything to Know

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You might know Tom Selleck, the famous actor, and producer, but have you heard about his adopted son, Kevin Selleck? Kevin, a 57-year-old American actor, and musician, was born on June 7, 1966. His mom is Jacqueline Ray, a former model, and actress, and his dad’s first name is Shepard. Let’s dive into Kevin’s life story and how he overcame challenges with the help of his unique family ties.

How Old is Kevin Selleck?

Kevin Selleck is 57 and was born in the USA on June 7, 1966. He attended Grant High School and played volleyball at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Yep, he was quite the athlete!

Not Really Tom Selleck’s Biological Son?

Even though he’s not Tom Selleck’s biological son, they share a special connection. Kevin’s mom and bio dad split when he was young, so he was raised by his mom. But Tom adopted him on August 7, 1987, after marrying Kevin’s mom. Kevin became part of Tom’s family, and they’ve been close ever since.

Kevin’s Siblings and Family

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Kevin has two step-sisters, Hannah and Umeko. Hannah is Tom’s daughter from his second marriage, and Umeko is from his mom’s third marriage. While we’re unsure how close they are, they’re all part of the extended Selleck family.

Facing Challenges and Finding Strength

Kevin had some tough times in his younger years. He struggled with some bad choices and even battled addiction. But Tom Selleck, the hero in his life, stood by him. Tom helped Kevin through his troubles and even helped him with money matters.

Tom: A Mentor and a Father Figure

Tom might not be Kevin’s biological dad, but he acted like one. Kevin looked up to Tom and tried to be like him. They shared more than genes – they shared a love for volleyball, and Tom cheered Kevin on at his games. Tom’s support also helped Kevin’s acting career take off.

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Kevin’s Journey as a Musician and Actor

Kevin’s musical journey began with a band called Tonic. He played drums and even released an album in 1996. But life took a twist, and Kevin turned to acting. He appeared in his dad’s “Magnum P.I.” show and even had a hand in a movie’s soundtrack. Sadly, his acting dreams were cut short due to his battles.

Love and Family Life

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Kevin found love with Annabelle Selleck, an American costume designer, and pet food company owner. They got married on August 7, 1987, in a private ceremony. They’re pretty private about their stuff, but we know they have six kids together.

In Conclusion, Kevin Selleck’s journey has been filled with ups and downs, but his family, especially Tom Selleck, has been his rock. From overcoming addiction to pursuing his passions, Kevin’s story shows that with the proper support, you can rise above challenges and build a successful life.




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