Meet Khaza Kamil Gates: Rapper Kevin Gates son

khaza kamil gates

In the vibrant world of American celebrity culture, one name has been making waves – Khaza Kamil Gates. Born into the illustrious family of rapper Kevin Gates and Instagram influencer Dreka Gates, Khaza’s journey as a young star is both captivating and inspiring. Join us as we delve into the life of this promising 9-year-old sensation.

Who is Khaza Kamil Gates?

Khaza Kamil Gates, born on May 10, 2014, is the son of the well-known rapper Kevin Gates and the Instagram influencer Dreka Gates. Growing up in a loving Muslim family, Khaza shares his faith and his life with his sister, Islah Gates. He’s the only son of a famous rapper, and his famous parents largely influenced his path to celebrityhood.


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How old is Khaza Kamil Gates?

Khaza came into the world on May 10, 2014, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. In the year 2023, this celebrity kid is now nine years old, and his zodiac sign is Taurus.

Meet Khaza Kamil Gates’s sister.

Khaza Kamil is not alone in the family spotlight; he has an older sister named Islah Koren Gates. Born on November 30, 2012, she’s currently 11 years old in 2023.

Who is Khaza Kamil’s Father?

khaza kamil gates
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Khaza’s father, Kevin Jerome Gilyard, known by his stage name Kevin Gates, is a multi-talented American figure. He’s not just a rapper; he’s also a singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. Currently, he’s affiliated with the Bread Winners’ Association in partnership with Atlantic Records.

What was Kevin Gates’ first big hit?

Kevin Gates embarked on his rap journey back in 2007, collaborating with fellow Louisiana artists like Webbie and Lil Boosie. His breakthrough moment came with the 2008 single “Get in the Way,” featuring Lil Boosie.

khaza kamil gates
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Where is Kevin Gates now?

Kevin Gates is taking his music to fans across the United States, with 15 upcoming concerts in his schedule. His next tour date is at 713 Music Hall in Houston, and after that, he’ll be performing at The Criterion in Oklahoma City.

Who is Khaza Kamil’s Mother?

Khaza’s mother, Dreka Gates, is a versatile personality. Born on August 31, 1986, she has excelled in various fields, including acting, business, YouTube, and media. Her success spans music, modeling, acting, social media, and even philanthropy and farming. Dreka is not only the mother of Khaza Kamil Gates and Islah Gates but also the beloved wife of Kevin Gates.

khaza kamil gates
Image credit: Instagram @drekagates

In the realm of celebrity offspring, Khaza Kamil Gates shines bright, a young star destined for greatness. Raised in a loving family with a rich heritage, his future looks promising. As we conclude our glimpse into Khaza’s life, it’s clear that he’s just at the beginning of an exciting journey, with his famous parents cheering him on.





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