Meet Korina Harrison, Corey Harrison’s wife

korina harrison

Korina Harrison was the wife of an American celebrity—in the United States. Corey Harrison, a Pawn Star actor, was one of the duo. The pair is Parents to a kid.

Their marriage, however, was short-lived since they divorced after only a year. Korina Kiki, often known as Kiki, has been a source of fascination since she married Corey. In this essay, we’ll go into Corey Harrison’s personal life in great detail.

Early Life, Age, Parents, and Education

Korina Harrison is a native American of the United States. Her homeland is American, as is her Caucasian ethnicity. On the other hand, Corey Harrison was born on April 27, 1983, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

So he is now 40 years old. There is little information on her mother, father, and upbringing on the internet. Corey Harrison’s wife has kept her life private and has never divulged anything about it. There should also be additional information about her educational background.

Korina Harrison: Wild, Profession, and Career


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Corey Harrison’s wife rose to prominence after discovering she was biologically related to Corey Harrison. Corey is a business owner in his own country, the United States. He may become a partner in Las Vegas World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

Corey also appears on the History TV show Pawn Stars. It is unknown what Corey Harrison’s marriage was like before meeting Corey. More information on her work experience is required. She has also yet to acquire any honours or accolades.

Corey Harrison’s wife’s body measurements

korina harrison
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Korina Harrison is leading two lives. Similarly, her physical characteristics, such as height, weight, and bra size, are not provided. Her photos show Korina has dark brown hair, dark blue eyes, and a pale complexion.

Is Korina Harrison still married to Corey Harrison?

korina harrison
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Korina and Corey Harrison’s engagement has ended. Their marriage lasted only a year, and they lived alone after that. It should be stated when they first met or started dating.

They are reported to have been in a relationship for some time before deciding to marry in 2017. The wedding ceremony occurred on May 26, 2017, in San Diego, California. According to the information, the wedding was a small celebration with only a few family members and friends.

Assume the pair was content together. The wedding lasted two months. Everyone felt everything between them was OK. However, it became clear that Korina Harrison and Corey intended to end their relationship.

After two months of marriage, the pair filed for divorce in August 2018 to end their relationship. Many thought they could work out their differences and continue as an unmarried couple. However, it was evident by the next season that they were not in a relationship.

As with many celebrity divorces and breakups, there was a lot of conjecture and stories about what happened. Corey Harrison’s wife, on the other hand, has remained silent on the subject.

According to Corey, the couple’s working schedules precipitated their relationship’s dissolution. Whatever the problem was, they could separate peacefully while still communicating well.

The couple welcomed their first child.

korina harrison
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Their son was named Richard Benjamin Harrison after Corey’s grandpa throughout their relationship.

Their only kid was born in October 2018. When asked how he felt about being a parent for the first time, Corey said, “I’m happy and nervous as hell.” Kiki Harrison mentioned in the interview that she hoped her son had her father’s eyes.

Is Korina dating again after her divorce?

korina harrison
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Korina Harrison’s reclusive lifestyle makes it difficult to discuss her personal life. Her life vanished after her divorce from her spouse, Corey. Her spouse is currently engaged to Tara Pasley. They’ve been hanging out together for a long Time.

Furthermore, Corey was previously married before marrying Korina kiki Harrison. He was engaged to Corey Harrison’s first wife, Charlene Harrison. In 2015, he divorced her.

Net Worth

Korina Harrison’s career life and net worth are unknown, although they enjoyed an expensive lifestyle when she married her ex-husband. Corey Harrison has a net worth of $4 million and purchased a property for $385,000 in 2011. He most likely owns many collections of high-end autos.

Where is Korina Harrison now?

Korina has retired from the spotlight, although according to specific accounts, she presently lives and works in California. According to all indications, she prefers a tranquil life and has returned to it after her marriage ends.

Her relationship status is unclear since she is determined to keep her personal life discreet. This is not true with Corey, who has had romantic relationships with a few women. He has not remarried, though.


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There were rumours about Korina and Corey Harrison reuniting in the years following their divorce. This was because they maintained a friendly connection. Corey also posted numerous personal photos of himself and Korina on Instagram. But, for now, they have both gone on with their lives.

Corey continues appearing in the Pawn Stars series while running his family’s company. It’s challenging to know what his ex-wife Korina has been up to. She used to be active online, particularly on Instagram, with a sizable following. But she erased her account following her divorce from Corey and hasn’t been seen online since.


Does Corey Harrison have a child?

Richard Benjamin Harrison.

Why did Pawn Stars end?

The 21st season of Pawn Stars they have debuted on March 15, 2023. During their 18th season, production was delayed for months owing to a coronavirus epidemic. Due to the network’s lack of material, Rick Harrison, his son, Corey Harrison, and Chumlee continued where they left off.

Is Corey Harrison of Pawn Stars married?

Korina Harrison.

What happened to the show Pawn Stars?

The show’s 21st season left Sin City to Travel across America.




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