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luis suarez daughter

Delfina Suarez, Luis Suarez’s daughter, was born in 2010. Delfina is Suarez and Sofia Balbi’s first Child.

Delfina’s name is an anagram of Anfield in England. This is the world-famous stadium of one of Suarez’s former teams, Liverpool FC.

Suarez plays for the Uruguayan national team and his current club, Club Nacional de Football, which plays in Uruguay’s First Division.

Name: Delfina Suarez
Date of Birth: August 5, 2010
Nationality: Spanish
Parents: Luis Suarez (Father), Sofia Balbi (Mother)
Siblings: Benjamin Suarez (Brother), Lautaro Suarez (Brother)
Occupation: Celebrity Kid, Media Personality, Internet Personality
Notable Feature: Well-known for being the daughter of Luis Suarez
Relationship Status: Not currently known or disclosed
Career: Focused on studies and personal interests
Interests: Football, Basketball
Social Media: Instagram – @delfina.suarez9_

Delfina Suarez, Luis Suarez’s daughter, is his First child.

Delfina Suarez, Luis Suarez’s daughter, was reared in Barcelona. Delfina has two younger brothers Named Benjamin and Lautaro.

Delfina is in her tweens, having turned 12 earlier this year. Suarez kissed the word Delfina, which was tattooed on his wrist next to his own and his firstborn’s names, as part of his celebration after scoring a goal.

luis suarez daughter
(image credit: : instagram)

As she is affectionately called, Delfi cheers for him whenever she comes to watch her father play. Luis credits his entire strength to his family. He routinely posts photos on social media of his family delighting in his accomplishments and celebrating alongside him.

Delfi appeared to have matured much as the family in Luis’s photograph posed in front of a Christmas tree.

The family recently returned from a trip to the Arabic nation. Delfi’s images are routinely posted on Instagram by Luis and Sofi.

Delfina Suarez is a female model. Height and age

Football fans frequently question how old Luis Suarez’s daughter is. Delfina became 12 years old on August 5, 2022. Her parents wished her a happy birthday, and the family celebrated a wonderful day.

Delfina Suarez’s beach images have lately gone popular on the internet, as she was spotted enjoying a family holiday.

Delfi’s current height is 144 cm (4 feet 9 inches).

2023 Net Worth

Delfina is a young girl who is presently in middle school. As a result, she has no net worth or profits.

She has excellent potential to be a model and fashion designer based on a glimpse of her Instagram activity.

luis suarez daughter
(image credit: : instagram)


Delfina Suarez, Luis Suarez’s daughter, is just 12 years old. She is far too young to have a social media account.

That is not the case with famous children. Delfian Suarez has an Instagram account and a sizable fan base for a 12-year-old.

She usually shares photos of herself with her family and friends. Delfian Suarez’s social media handles are as follows:

Instagram: 211k followers

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Benjamin and Lautaro Suarez, Sons of Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez is the father of two sons. Benjamin Suarez and Lautaro Suarez are their names.

Benjamin was born in the year 2013. Lautaro, their second son, sometimes known as Lauti, was born in 2018. Lauti was arrested just months after Barcelona defeated Inter Milan in the Champions League finals 2018. Suarez headed to Instagram to show off his newborn child.

Luis Suarez’s family, which includes his wife, Sofia Balbi, and three children, has been highly supportive of his Football career thus far.

When Lauti tenderly bit Suarez on the shoulder, the photograph went viral, evoking images of his father grinding other players.

Suarez has a few instances in his career that will go down in history and be remembered by fans for the rest of their lives. Lauti’s video of biting his father’s shoulder went viral.

Benjamin and Lauti are both quite mature. Their oldest kid, Benjamin, is nine, and their youngest, Lautaro, is four.

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Delfina Suarez’s Interesting Facts

Delfina Suarez is the oldest of the Luis Suarez children.

  • The fascinating myth regarding Delfina’s name is that many people believe she was named after the Liverpool Stadium Anfield. That is not the case because she was born a year before Suarez was transferred to Liverpool.
  • Despite her young age, Delfina Suarez is quite active on Instagram and has a sizable fan base.
  • Delfina Suarez was Born in Barcelona, Spain, on August 5, 2010.
luis suarez daughter
(image credit: : instagram)


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