Luka Doncic’s Girlfriend, Anamaria Goltes: A Tale of Young Love

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Discovering the profound and captivating tale of Anamaria Goltes, entwined in a mesmerizing relationship with basketball virtuoso Luka Doncic, unveils a narrative that traverses time and boundaries. The saga of their bond, stretching back to their youthful days at twelve, reveals a tale far more intricate than meets the eye.

Anamaria Goltes and Luka Doncic: A Journey Beyond Mere Romance

Venturing into Anamaria Goltes and Luka Doncic’s shared history, we unravel a more profound narrative than a fleeting romance; despite the persistent notion among basketball aficionados that Anamaria stands as Luka’s spouse, reality beckons otherwise. Their journey of commitment and companionship took root in 2016, beckoning Anamaria to traverse continents and unite her destiny with the Dallas Mavericks’ esteemed point guard.

Resilience Amidst Trials

Their narrative has not escaped adversity; 2018, the duo faced a brief parting of ways. Yet, like stars that gravitate back to their rightful constellations, Anamaria and Luka reconciled, leaving a trail of expectation in their wake. An imminent union seems to shimmer on the horizon. The trajectory of Luka’s budding career, crowned with titles like the 2019 NBA Rookie of the Year and the honor of thrice gracing the NBA All-Star stage, has cast its luminous spell upon those dear to him.

A Bond Unmarried, Yet Indomitable


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While the world might eagerly paint Anamaria Goltes as Luka Doncic’s wife, this portrayal finds its roots in their enduring association. A friendship that took root over a decade ago blossomed into something more profound. Timelessly accomplished, their union resonates with the vitality of youth. A closer look reveals their ages—Luka, a 24-year-old born in Slovenia on February 28, 1999, and Anamaria, his nine-month senior, born on May 1, 1998. Such youth affords ample canvas to paint dreams of matrimony.

The Genesis of a Lifelong Bond

Anamaria and the luminary Luka Doncic first encountered each other at the tender age of twelve. Their shared journey over a decade and counting embodies a narrative of unwavering companionship. As sources of misinformation perpetuate the belief that their romantic connection spans this timeline, a candid revelation from Anamaria herself dispels the myth. Croatia’s sun-kissed shores witnessed the genesis of their bond, a friendship that stood resilient through life’s inevitable partings.

The Crucible of Time and Distance

In 2012, Luka’s destiny led him to Real Madrid, signing a pivotal five-year contract that transported him from Slovenia to Madrid’s courts. Meanwhile, Anamaria chose the halls of the University of Ljubljana. The paths diverged, but their connection endured—years cascaded by, unveiling the strength of their bond against the tapestry of time. Fate finally wove them together, a story that evolved into an enchanting romance.

2016: The Year Love Blossomed


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The year 2016 witnessed Anamaria and Luka’s romantic union and marked a pivotal moment in their tale. While their earliest encounter stretched back to preteen days, their hearts converged in romance this year. Their transition from friends to life partners remains their guarded secret. A remarkable facet is that this transition occurred before Luka’s NBA odyssey—a chapter that would etch his name in basketball’s annals.

A Tale of Transcending Challenges

The year 2018 introduced a challenge to their narrative—a period of strife that led them to traverse separate paths. As Luka soared to the Atlanta Hawks as the third pick in the NBA, their bond temporarily endured a fracture. Yet, like dawn after the darkest night, they rediscovered each other, their connection rejuvenated, and their devotion more profound.

A Love Beyond the Public Eye

Amid the echoes of global uncertainty during the pandemic’s height, Anamaria and Luka found solace in each other’s company. The whispers of wedding bells grew louder, hinting at a future shared as man and wife. Despite this, they have chosen the enigmatic route—opting to remain reticent about the future’s designs. In a world of oversharing, there is a love that speaks through shared moments and captured glimpses.

Anamaria Goltes: A Tapestry Beyond Luka


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Beneath the spotlight that Luka’s aura casts lies Anamaria Goltes—a Slovenian gem with a story of her own. Born and bred in Slovenia, much of her story remains concealed—a tapestry of family, upbringing, and early days awaiting discovery. Her journey found an unforeseen pivot when love beckoned her across the ocean. However, beyond her role as Luka’s beloved, she strides as a model, a beacon of fashion and lifestyle, commanding an influential presence.

From Dance to Discovery

Anamaria initially followed her father’s footsteps to the University of Ljubljana, her chosen haven of academia. The details of her studies remain veiled, much like her enigmatic spirit. Yet, her trajectory led her to dance and modeling—an odyssey that carried her to American shores, where she stands today, intertwined with Luka. Brands like Campbell Models and Immortal Model Management have recognized her charm, cementing her stance in modeling.

In a world pulsating with temporary connections, the story of Anamaria Goltes and Luka Doncic transcends the ordinary. A narrative that speaks of unwavering friendship, challenges weathered, and a love story written beyond the public eye. Their tale radiates the allure of authenticity, an enchantment spun by time, distance, and love’s resplendent ardor.




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