Does Malika Andrews have a husband? Discovering the Enigmatic Love Life

malika andrews husband

Malika Andrews, the dynamic sports journalist from the United States, has taken the media world by storm. Currently, she graces our screens as the charismatic host of NBA Today. Her journey at ESPN, which commenced in October 2018 as an online NBA writer, saw her rise to prominence as the youngest sideline reporter during the captivating 2020 NBA Bubble. However, amidst the spotlight of fame, fans are left intrigued by the enigma of her personal life. The question lingers: Does Malika Andrews have a husband?

Unveiling Malika Andrews’ Love Life


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Malika’s illustrious journalism career began in 2017, and her star continued to ascend as she earned a coveted spot among Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in the sports industry for 2021. Yet, despite her celebrity status, she has masterfully concealed the pages of her personal life, leaving many to ponder her current relationship status. Let’s delve deeper into the mystery of her dating history.

The Marriage Mystery

As it stands, Malika Andrews remains unmarried, thus lacking a husband in her life. Nonetheless, the recent appearance of an intriguing ring on her finger ignited whispers of engagement among her ardent admirers.

The Enigmatic Dating Scenario

While the sports journalist is not in a relationship, she maintains a mysterious shroud around her past and current romantic involvements. She is a master of keeping her personal life away from the public’s prying eyes. Nevertheless, a few whispers in the media industry have hinted at connections with notable figures.


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Dave McMenamin: A Familiar Face

Dave McMenamin, the American sports journalist, reporter, writer, social media influencer, and entrepreneur from Rosemont, Pennsylvania, USA, shares a realm of recognition with Malika Andrews within the NBA circles. The sparks of dating rumours between the two were ignited in May 2022 when they were spotted together at a significant event.

The speculations about their relationship intensified when Malika was observed wearing a ring on her finger. Fans were left to speculate whether this gesture hinted at an engagement between the two. However, neither Malika nor Dave has confirmed or denied these swirling rumours.

The Richard Jefferson Connection


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Richard Allen Jefferson, an American former professional basketball player with a storied 17-season NBA career, currently finds his niche as a sports analyst on ESPN. In 2020, rumours emerged linking Malika and Richard to a romantic entanglement. However, these whispers remained like rumours, as no confirmation ever surfaced.

In 2020, Malika acknowledged sharing a living space with her boyfriend during the tumultuous COVID-19 pandemic in New York City. Yet, the identity of this boyfriend remains a closely guarded secret.

The question remains unanswered: Does Malika Andrews have a husband? The vibrant sports journalist remains unattached, navigating her life within the enigmatic realm of singlehood. Nevertheless, the media industry’s rumours and whispers surround her, particularly in connection to Dave McMenamin. The intrigue persists, leaving us captivated by the enigmatic love life of Malika Andrews.




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