Meet Matthew Gisoni: Mackenzie Ziegler’s Step-Brother

mathew gisoni, Meet Matthew Gisoni: Mackenzie Ziegler's Step-Brother

Matthew Gisoni is different from your typical household name. As the step-brother of the renowned American professional dancer, singer, and actress Mackenzie Ziegler, he’s had his fair share of the limelight but remains a mystery. Here, we delve into this teenager’s life from the United States, offering insights into his family, background, and what makes him tick.

Matthew Gisoni: Age Is Just a Number

The birth details of Matthew Gisoni are shrouded in secrecy, partly due to his non-mainstream celebrity status. However, we can confirm that he’s presently in his teenage years, hailing from the United States and boasting a diverse ethnic heritage.

While his mother’s identity remains undisclosed, his father, Greg Gisoni, plays a significant role in Matthew’s life. With Italian-Vietnamese roots, Greg holds the position of nuclear Vice President and Project Director at Westinghouse Energy Center.

A Family Story

Matthew Gisoni’s family story is as intricate as it is intriguing. His parents, Greg Gisoni and Melissa Gisoni entered each other’s lives through matrimony, thus uniting Matthew and Mackenzie in a unique step-sibling relationship. Melissa, a prominent American actress and dancer best known for her role in “Dance Moms,” was married to Kurt Ziegler before tying the knot with Greg in 2013.

Despite residing with his biological mother, Matthew considers Melissa his stepmother, solidifying the family bond. As for his educational pursuits, little is known about his academic journey, but it’s safe to assume that he’s navigating the maze of high school life in his early teens.

A Multitude of Siblings


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Matthew Gisoni is far from alone in his family journey. He and his twin sister, Michele, were born together, and additional biological siblings named Paige, Christine, and Tori Gisoni complete the picture. However, the birth specifics of these siblings remain a well-kept secret.

In addition to his direct siblings, Matthew gained step-siblings through his father’s marriage to Melissa Gisoni. Notably, Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, the daughters of Melissa’s former husband Kurt Ziegler, are part of his extended family. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Maddie has achieved remarkable success as a dancer and actress. With 35 acting credits, she’s made a significant mark in the entertainment industry.

Mackenzie, the younger Ziegler sister, embarked on her own journey in the entertainment world, venturing into music and modelling alongside her dancing career. While often compared in their solo and group performances, these sisters have carved out unique paths in the spotlight.


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Matthew’s Future Awaits

As for Matthew’s future endeavours, it’s important to remember that he is still a teenager with ample time to explore his passions and talents. At this stage, he has not embarked on a specific career path, and his fame primarily stems from his familial connections.

The Heart of the Matter: Matthew’s Love Life

In the realm of romance, Matthew Gisoni is currently flying solo. In his teenage years, he has yet to delve into the complexities of dating. While his dating history is a blank slate, speculations about his sexual orientation lean toward heterosexuality. For now, he focuses on excelling academically and growing into the individual he aspires to be.

Matthew Gisoni’s journey has just begun, and the world awaits what lies ahead for this enigmatic teenager from a prominent and talented family.





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