Michelle Ghent: Terrence Howard’s ex-wife – Everything to Know

Michelle Ghent Terrence Howard's ex-wife - Everything to Know

Michelle Ghent, the ex-wife of actor Terrence Howard, best known for his role as Lucius Lyon in FOX’s “Empire,” has had quite the tumultuous journey with Howard, making headlines throughout their relationship.

Michelle Ghent’s Mysterious Past

Born around 1977, Michelle Ghent’s life before meeting her ex-husband remains mysterious. Little is known about her early life, family background, and ethnicity.

Michelle’s Career Path

Michelle Ghent Terrence Howard's ex-wife - Everything to Know
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In the late ’90s, Michelle worked at Jeffries Technologies in LA and became a talent coordinator at MJZ, a commercial production company. Her career also led her to Film, Eric Beauchamp, and World Hero, LLC positions. She eventually became a managing partner at Shells To Gold Couture. During her marriage to Terrence Howard, she worked as a managing coordinator for his company, Al Chemist Productions Inc. Reportedly, She co-owns an online store called Fallyne Collection.

A Secretive Marriage

Michelle Ghent and Terrence Howard surprised everyone when they got married in January 2010 in Los Angeles. The announcement was sudden and unexpected, with Howard revealing the news during a Cannes event.

The Drama-Filled Divorce

In February 2011, Michelle filed for divorce and later requested a restraining order, accusing Howard of physical abuse. Their divorce was finalized in May 2013, with Michelle initially receiving $5,800 monthly in spousal support. However, the court overturned the agreement in 2015, citing alleged coercion and threats by Ghent.

Accusations of Abuse and Infidelity

Michelle Ghent Terrence Howard's ex-wife - Everything to Know

During their divorce proceedings, Michelle accused Howard of domestic violence and infidelity. She also sought spousal support and requested Howard to cover her legal fees. She sued Howard for emotional distress and defamation, alleging that the abuse began shortly after their marriage.

Terrence’s Counterclaims

In response to Michelle’s accusations, Terrence Howard claimed she was blackmailing him, threatening to release private materials unless she received compensation. He maintained that he never physically harmed her and accused her of deceit.

Allegations of Paranoia and Suicide Attempts

Terrence reported receiving hostile text messages from Michelle, where she mentioned being “insane” and seeking treatment in a “crazy institute.” He alleged that she once attempted suicide, leading to her hospitalization and a diagnosis of paranoia.

Legal Battles and Recordings

In 2015, audio recordings surfaced in which Michelle threatened to release intimate videos and damaging medical records unless she received the settlement she requested.

Terrence’s Marriage to Another Woman

Michelle Ghent Terrence Howard's ex-wife - Everything to Know
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During the legal proceedings, it was revealed that Terrence Howard had married Miranda Pak in 2013. However, he was heard professing his love for Michelle Ghent in a recorded phone call. Their relationship had its ups & downs.

Michelle’s Legal Victory

In 2019, Michelle Ghent won a significant legal victory when the court ordered Terrence Howard to pay her over $1 million, including back spousal support and additional support due to his increased income from “Empire.”

Terrence’s Admission of Infidelity

Terrence Howard admitted to cheating on Michelle during their engagement with multiple women. He explained that they weren’t “sexually compatible” but decided to marry her due to his beliefs as a Jehovah’s Witness.

Michelle’s Alleged Herpes and Drug Use

Terrence acknowledged using drugs with Michelle, including marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy. He claimed they had a threesome and raised questions about herpes transmission, but Michelle denied any wrongdoing.

Life After Divorce

Terrence Howard went on to marry and have children with Miranda Pak, while Michelle Ghent’s current romantic status remains a mystery. She has kept a low profile on social media, leaving us to wonder about her life beyond the headlines.

In the end, the saga of Michelle Ghent and Terrence Howard is a complex and intriguing tale of love, allegations, and legal battles, leaving us with more questions than answers about their lives today.





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