Mosley Thompson Manning: Peyton Manning’s daughter

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Peyton Manning, the legendary NFL quarterback, and his wife, Ashley Thompson, were blessed with not one but two bundles of joy in March 2011. Their adorable fraternal twins, Mosley Thompson Manning and Marshall Williams Manning, have been lighting up their lives ever since. While Marshall’s presence adds to the joy, we’ll focus on Peyton and Ashley’s 12-year-old daughter, Mosley Thompson Manning, in this article.

Mosley Thompson Manning – The Young Cheerleader

Mosley Thompson Manning, the 12-year-old sweetheart of the Manning family, shares her dad’s passion for football. Just like her brother, she’s often seen cheering her father on during NFL games. However, the Manning twins lead a predominantly private life, keeping them away from the public eye.

A Glimpse of Mosley Thompson Manning

Born on March 31, 2011, in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mosley Thompson Manning is a proud United States citizen with white ancestry. She boasts beautiful brown eyes and long, lustrous hair of the same shade. Much like her hometown of New Orleans, Mosley Thompson Manning is a rising star thanks to her famous father, Peyton.

Education and Family

Currently, in elementary school, Mosley is on her way to completing her education journey. Although her school’s name remains a mystery, she’s still a young child who depends on her loving parents for care and support. Unlike her parents, she’s not yet embarked on a professional path.

mosley thompson manning, peyton manning family, peyton manning kids, marshall williams manning, peyton manning children

Her mother, Ashley Thompson, is a successful American entrepreneur and businesswoman, while her father, Peyton Manning, is a former NFL superstar. Peyton’s illustrious career saw him excel with the Indianapolis Colts before joining the Denver Broncos in 2012, ultimately retiring from football in 2016. He received numerous accolades, including induction into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2017, with the Pro Football Hall of Fame following suit in 2021.

Meet the Manning Family

Mosley Thompson Manning is the cherished daughter of the renowned American football quarterback Peyton Manning and businesswoman Ashley Thompson Manning. Peyton’s career saw him as a first-overall pick by the Indianapolis Colts in the 1998 NFL Draft. After 14 successful seasons with the Colts, he continued his legacy with the Denver Broncos in 2012.

Ashley Thompson Manning, born to Marsha Thompson and Bill Thompson, a prominent commercial real estate developer in Memphis, Tennessee, met Peyton in 1994, shortly before he started his journey at the University of Tennessee. Despite attending different universities, their love prevailed, leading to their marriage in 2001.

Unlike some NFL couples who bask in the limelight, Ashley mostly maintains a low profile. However, she has made exceptions by attending prestigious events, such as a White House dinner honouring Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in 2007 and accompanying Peyton on the red carpet at the 2017 ESPYs. Additionally, she garnered attention in 2015 for reportedly receiving HGH shipments.

The Manning Twins: A Family of Four

Peyton Manning and Ashley Thompson Manning welcomed their twins, Mosley Thompson and Marshall Williams, on March 31, 2011, in Indianapolis. Surprisingly, their birth was only revealed to the public a week after the fact, and Ashley’s pregnancy was shrouded in secrecy.

Mosley Thompson Manning’s Extended Family

Completing the Manning family portrait are Mosley Thompson Manning’s grandparents: Archie Manning, Olivia Williams Manning, Marsha Thompson, and Bill Thompson. With such a storied lineage, it’s no wonder that Mosley Thompson Manning is a rising star among celebrity children.

In their post-NFL life, Peyton and Ashley Manning focus on nurturing their two wonderful children, Mosley and Marshall. While football was once the centre of their universe, their twins have now taken the spotlight in the Mannings’ hearts.






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