Get to Know Poppy Moyer – Anna & Stephen’s Twins child

Get to Know Poppy Moyer - Anna & Stephen's Twins child

Born on September 12, 2012, in Venice, Los Angeles, Poppy Moyer is 11 years old. She is the daughter of Anna Paquin, a renowned New Zealand actress, and Stephen Moyer, an English actor, famous for their roles in the HBO series True Blood. Anna even clinched a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in 2019.

Protecting Their Privacy

Despite their fame, Anna and Stephen are determined to shield their twins, Poppy Moyer and Charlie, from the public eye. They rarely discuss their children in interviews. While their exact education plans remain undisclosed, it’s evident that the couple is committed to providing for their kids.

Social Media Silence

On social media, Anna Paquin doesn’t reveal much about her children. They may appear when they’re older and can make their own decisions.

Poppy’s Secret Arrival

Anna kept her pregnancy with Poppy a secret until a few months after the twins were born. The couple finally shared their joy at the True Blood season six premiere. They cherish their family time, keeping their children’s lives as normal as possible.

Charlie, Poppy Moyer’s Twin

Charlie Moyer is Poppy Moyer’s twin brother. The couple didn’t disclose their genders initially. Raising twins has been challenging for Anna, but she’s grateful for the experience. Poppy’s parents are working together to provide the best upbringing for their children.

Born Prematurely

Poppy and Charlie arrived earlier than expected. Their parents kept this information private, as they were fragile at birth. Anna and Stephen aim to give them a normal upbringing, allowing them to choose their paths in life.

Love Story and Family

Anna and Stephen met on the set of True Blood in 2008 and began dating in 2009. They tied the knot in 2010. Before Anna, Stephen had two children from previous relationships, Billy and Lilac.

Successful Careers


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Both Anna and Stephen are accomplished actors. Anna’s career took off when she won an Oscar at 11 for her role in The Piano. She’s been in numerous films and series, including True Blood, where she won a Golden Globe.

On the other hand, Stephen made his TV debut in 1993 and played a significant role in True Blood and other series, like The Gifted.

Kids and True Blood

Despite meeting on the set of True Blood, Poppy Moyer and Charlie haven’t been allowed to watch the series. Anna stated they’ve agreed that their kids won’t watch anything involving their parents. As of December 2021, the children had yet to see a single episode of the show. Privacy and family values are a top priority for the Moyers.

In conclusion, Poppy Moyer’s story is a testament to her parents’ dedication, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, in safeguarding their family’s privacy. With successful careers and a solid commitment to their children’s well-being, they exemplify the values of love and protection in entertainment.





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