Meet Prince Wilburn: Future’s Cool Kid!

prince wilburn

Hey there, folks! Have you heard about Prince Wilburn? He’s no ordinary kid – the remarkable son of the famous rapper Future. You know, the guy behind those catchy songs like “Life is Good” and “Love Me.” But hold up; there’s more to Prince than just being the son of a superstar. Let’s dive into his world and get to know him better.

A Star is Born – Prince Wilburn’s Arrival

Prince Wilburn entered the world on December 5, 2012, when the stars aligned just right for a Sagittarius superstar. Yep, he’s 10 years old now and already making waves. Born in the good ol’ USA, he’s a true-blue American.

Dad’s a Big Deal


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Okay, so his dad, Future, is a big deal. He’s not just a rapper – he’s a singer-songwriter and a record producer. Future’s been rockin’ the music scene for over a decade, dropping hit albums like “Pluto” and “High Off Life.” You’ve probably jammed to his chart-toppers like “Life is Good.” Yeah, that’s the one!

Mom’s Got Style


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Now, let’s talk about Prince’s mom, Brittni Mealy. She’s a go-getter – a businesswoman, model, and fitness enthusiast. She even started her own fashion company called Pop Of Junk. Talk about style goals!

From the Dance Floor to Stardom

But wait, there’s a twist. Before her glamorous life, Prince’s mom danced exotically to make ends meet. She’s a true example of turning challenges into success. Go, Brittni!

Love Story Alert

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Here’s the scoop on how Prince’s parents met. Back in 2009, at an Atlanta club, sparks flew between Future and Brittni. She used to dance there, and Future couldn’t resist her moves. They started as friends and eventually became an item. Their love story had its ups and downs, but it led to the birth of Prince in 2012.

Family Ties

Even though Prince’s parents aren’t together anymore, they’re still a close-knit bunch. Prince spends time with his mom and dad, sharing their special moments on social media. Just check out his Instagram @whereprince!

Siblings Galore

Prince might be the only kid of his parents, but he’s got a bunch of half-siblings from his dad’s different relationships. There’s Jakobi, Future Zahir, Hendrix, Londyn, Paris, Reign, Legend Ary, Kash, and maybe even an adopted half-brother named Jaiden.

A Glimpse into Prince’s Life

prince wilburn
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Prince Wilburn is all about living life to the fullest. He’s active on Instagram, sharing cool pics and memories. Plus, he’s hitting the books at a local school in Atlanta.

So there you have it, folks! Prince Wilburn – the Future is bright for this young superstar. He’s not just the son of a famous rapper – he’s carving his path and enjoying every moment along the way.”





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