Meet Carolyn Bryant’s Children, Lamar Bryant and Roy Bryant Jr.

roy bryant jr. and lamar bryant

Discover the Lives of Carolyn Bryant’s Children: Lamar, Roy Jr., Frank Lee, and Carolann

Carolyn Bryant’s children, Lamar Bryant and Roy Bryant Jr. are no strangers to challenges, having grown up in the shadow of a notorious incident from American history. In the 1950s, Carolyn found herself at the center of the tragic lynching of Emmett Till in Mississippi.

Lamar Bryant and Roy Bryant Jr.: Sons of a Complex Past

roy bryant jr. and lamar bryant
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Lamar Bryant and Roy Jr. emerged from this turbulent history to lead remarkable lives. Both served honorably in the U.S. Air Force and went on to build their own families.

Roy Bryant Jr.: A Life of Service

Roy Bryant Jr., born on June 12, 1952, in Indianola, Mississippi, faced a tumultuous childhood marked by his father’s involvement in Emmett Till’s murder. Despite the controversy, Roy Jr. pursued a normal life. He even attended school, engaging in football, band, and dating activities. He formed enduring friendships.

After high school, Roy Jr. joined the U.S. Air Force, serving in various foreign locations. He married and had three children. Tragically, he passed away at 43 on September 29, 1995, due to cystic fibroids, leaving behind a loving family. He now rests in Niblett’s Bluff Cemetery in Vinton, Louisiana.

Lamar Thomas Bryant: Serving with Pride

Lamar Thomas Bryant, born in 1953 in Money, Mississippi, faced a similarly challenging upbringing. He obtained his high school diploma and followed his older brother’s footsteps into the U.S. Air Force, serving abroad before receiving an honorable discharge.

Today, Lamar Thomas Bryant resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, working diligently to support his family. He is married to Marsha Holley Bryant, who has been a pillar of support throughout their marriage. Lamar Thomas continues to care for his mother, Carolyn, even as she resides in a care home. Their enduring bond remains strong.

The Controversy Surrounding Carolyn Bryant’s Family

roy bryant jr. and lamar bryant
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Carolyn’s family remained entangled in the controversy for decades. In 2007, author Timothy Tyson claimed that Carolyn confessed her false accusations against Emmett Till, a claim disputed by Marsha. Despite the challenges, they co-authored Carolyn’s “More than a Wolf Whistle” memoir in 2008.

Frank Lee Bryant: A Life of Advocacy

In addition to Lamar and Roy Jr., Carolyn and Roy Bryant Sr. had two more children, including Frank Lee Bryant, born on November 19, 1956. Frank Lee, who spent most of his life in Greenville, Mississippi, strongly advocated for his mother, especially during challenging times.

Tragically, Frank Lee passed away on April 12, 2010, at 53, succumbing to heart failure. His passing left a void in Carolyn’s heart, but she drew strength from her faith and the thought that her sons, Roy Jr. and Frank Lee, were reunited.

roy bryant jr. and lamar bryant
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Carolann: A Daughter’s Triumph

Carolyn also had a daughter, Carolann, born in 1958, who faced unique challenges from birth as she was deaf. Carolyn’s unwavering love and determination led her to learn sign language to communicate with her daughter. When Carolyn divorced Roy Sr., she sought primary custody to provide the best care for Carolann. This dedication paid off, as Carolann attended the Louisiana School for the Deaf, completed high school, and married her sweetheart.

Despite their adversities, Carolyn Bryant’s children have shown resilience and strength, creating their paths in life while staying connected to their complex family history. Their stories testify to the enduring human spirit and the power of family bonds.





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