Sandra Griner: Brittney Griner’s mother – All about her

sandra griner, raymond griner, brittney griner parents

You know Brittney Griner’s mother, Sandra Griner? The entire United States stands firmly behind Brittney Griner, but her parents have gone above and beyond in their support during these challenging times. They have been there since the beginning, nurturing her basketball dreams. But who exactly is Brittney Griner’s biological parents?

Who is Brittny Griner?

Brittney Griner, the accomplished American professional basketball player, currently plays for the Phoenix Mercury in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). Regrettably, she finds herself serving time in a Russian prison after being found guilty of drug possession.

Born on October 18, 1990, in Houston, Brittney’s journey began at Nimitz High School, where she played basketball. Remarkably, she even practised with the boys’ basketball team and honed her skills under the school’s basketball coach. During this period, a video showcasing her dunks garnered over 6.6 million views on YouTube.

sandra griner, raymond griner, brittney griner parents
Image credit: Facebook @BrittneyGriner

In 2013, Brittney joined the Phoenix Mercury during the WNBA draft, making history as the first overall pick. She has remained a vital part of the team, representing not only her city but her country in various international tournaments.

However, the present paints a different picture as she serves a nine-year sentence in a Russian prison. In July 2022, hope emerged when U.S. President Joe Biden approved a potential trade for Griner and Paul Whelan. Yet, negotiations became complicated when the Russians demanded the release of convicted assassin Vadim Krasikov, who was serving a life sentence in Germany.

Meet Sandra Griner

Unfortunately, there’s limited information available about Sandra Griner’s age and birthday. What we do know is that Sandra resides in the United States and holds American nationality with a mixed Latin American ethnicity. Details about Sandra Griner’s parents and her place of birth remain undisclosed.

Brittney Griner’s Father, Raymond Griner

Raymond Griner, Brittney Griner’s father, holds American nationality and belongs to the African-American ethnic group. While specifics about his family background, early life, and education are scarce, we can safely assume he had a typical childhood and received a reasonable education.

Raymond Griner’s journey led him to enlist in the U.S. Air Force during the 60s, where he served in Vietnam in 1968 and 1969. Upon his return to the U.S., he settled in the Houston area and put his military experience to good use in the Harris County sheriff’s office. His service spanned about three decades before retiring as a deputy sheriff.

Brittney Griner’s Mother, Sandra Griner

sandra griner, raymond griner, brittney griner parents
Image credit: Facebook @BrittneyGriner

Sandra Griner, Brittney’s mom, also holds American nationality and possesses a mixed ethnic heritage. Information regarding her family background, early life, and educational history is rather elusive. Her occupation is similarly undisclosed, though her famous daughter has shared that Sandra was primarily a homemaker.

Sandra Griner has been known for her talents in crocheting and crafting blankets for her children. Additionally, she enjoys watching Food Network shows and is known for whipping up unique dishes for the family.

Brittney Griner’s Siblings

Brittney Griner, the professional basketball player, is the youngest of four siblings, with one brother, De Carlo, and sisters, Shekera and Pier. Yet, much like her parents, Brittney has shielded her siblings from the limelight, only mentioning them sparingly in interviews.

In 2015, she did share a throwback photo on Instagram featuring herself, her mother, sister Pier, and other family members.

In the face of adversity, Brittney Griner’s journey is a testament to resilience. Detained in Russia over drug charges, she continues to draw strength from her unwavering support system her family, as we all hope for her safe return home amidst the complex diplomatic ties between the USA and Russia.





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