Meet Sarai Burgos: Bernice Burgos’ Youngest Daughter

sarai burgos

In this captivating exploration, we delve into the intriguing world of Sarai Burgos, a rising star in her own right, thanks to her mother’s fame and the power of social media. Join us as we uncover the details that make Sarai’s life unique, mysterious, and enchanting.

Sarai Burgos: An Enigmatic Figure

Sarai Burgos’ journey to the limelight began with her mother, Bernice Burgos, who boasts an impressive following of over 6.9 million Instagram fans as of November 2022. The public’s curiosity has naturally extended to Sarai, and here, we unravel the intriguing facets of her life.

Sarai’s Age: A Timeline Unveiled


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While the exact date of Sarai’s birth remains shrouded in mystery, we know that Bernice Burgos welcomed her second daughter roughly ten years after her first. Simple math tells us that Sarai will be turning 17 in the year 2023.

The Enigma of Sarai’s Birthday

The elusive details of Sarai Burgos’ birthdate remain a secret, adding an air of mystique to her persona.

Sarai’s Parentage: Navigating the Unknown

Born out of wedlock, Sarai’s upbringing appears to have been a solo journey, with her mother, Bernice, shouldering the responsibilities of motherhood without the presence of a father figure.

Bernice Burgos: The Iconic Mother


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Sarai’s mother, the iconic Bernice Burgos, has made waves in social media, captivating audiences with her stunning physique showcased in stylish bikinis. With her journey originating in the bustling streets of Spanish Harlem, Bernice launched her modeling career at the age of twenty-seven, earning fame through features in prominent fashion magazines. She’s not just a model but a successful actress, having starred in the hit movie “Notorious” in 2009 and collaborating with A-listers like J. Cole, Drake, and Rick Ross.

Beyond her thriving career, Bernice is a savvy businesswoman who, alongside her daughter Ashley, founded the Bold and Beautiful clothing line, dedicated to empowering women with attractive sleepwear.

Sarai’s Father: The Enigmatic Presence

The identity of Sarai’s father remains concealed from the public eye, adding an air of intrigue to her family history.

Ashley Burgos: The Influential Sister

Sarai shares her spotlight with her elder sister, Ashley Burgos, born in May 1996 when their mother was just sixteen. Ashley has made her mark in the modeling industry like her mother, boasting a significant Instagram following of over 275,000 fans as of November 2023.

India Ava: The Precious Addition

Ashley Burgos was once in a relationship with renowned R&B artist Sambous Camara, and together, they welcomed their daughter, India Ava, on 7 February 2018. Their lavish Aladdin-themed baby shower made headlines, but sadly, their romance ended a few months later.

Sarai’s Nationality and Ethnicity

Born in the United States of America but raised in the Bronx, New York, Sarai holds American nationality. While her mother has Puerto Rican roots, Sarai’s ethnicity aligns with the African-American community.

Sarai’s Educational Journey

While concrete details about Sarai Burgos’ education remain elusive, her age suggests she attended school in the Bronx neighborhood.

Sarai’s Aspirations

At just sixteen, Sarai is in the early chapters of her life story and has yet to embark on a career. She relies on her mother, the accomplished model and entrepreneur, to meet her financial needs.

Sarai’s Net Worth


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Though the specifics of Sarai’s net worth are undisclosed, her mother, Bernice Burgos, is estimated to be worth $2 million.

The Meaning Behind Sarai

“Sarai” is a Hebrew name that translates to “princess,” a name brimming with aspiration and adoration.

In conclusion, Sarai Burgos’ life story, intertwined with her mother’s fame, paints a portrait of mystery, ambition, and the undeniable allure of the Burgos family. While the public may have opinions, Bernice Burgos remains steadfast in her passion for modeling and living life to the fullest.





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