What Happened To Steve Wallis’ Wife? Meet Steve Wallis

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Steve Wallis, the renowned Canadian YouTuber whose outdoor adventures have captivated over 1.26 million subscribers, was not alone in his journey to success. Behind the scenes stood a remarkable woman, his late wife, Jessica Audrey Wallis, a former music teacher. Her quiet strength and unwavering support were instrumental in shaping Steve’s career, even though she preferred to stay out of the spotlight. Jessica passed away in 2022, tragically leaving a void that rocked Steve’s world.

The Heart and Soul of Steve Wallis’s Life: Jessica Wallis


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Jessica Audrey Wallis, born on September 10, 1981, into the Hatton-Boretski family of Edmonton, Alberta, was a woman of exceptional talent and dedication. She laid the foundation for her love of music at Archbishop McDonald High School. Further, she honed her skills with a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus. Her thirst for knowledge led her to the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Kecskemet, Hungary, where she studied pedagogical methods.

Apart from her academic pursuits, Jessica had a deep passion for music. She lent her voice to choral groups, skillfully played the flute and piano, and briefly ventured into teaching music at the Evergreen Catholic Separate School Division’s Holy Spirit Catholic School in Devon, Alberta.

A Love Story That Defied All Odds

The tale of Jessica and Steve’s love began in the most unlikely circumstances: when Steve was homeless. Jessica’s kindness and support helped him get back on his feet, start a business, and secure a home. Their journey led to a beautiful union in 2017, and they shared their lives for five precious years until Jessica’s untimely passing.

Steve Wallis transformed into a prominent documentary maker and YouTuber through her unwavering support and influence. Despite her pivotal role in his success, Jessica remained a private person who shied away from the camera. However, she made a special appearance in one of Steve’s YouTube videos, celebrating his achievement of one million subscribers.


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A Heartbreaking Loss

Tragedy struck on Saturday, August 20, 2022, when Jessica Wallis died peacefully. The exact cause of her demise remains undisclosed, leaving fans speculating about her health issues. Steve Wallis has chosen not to confirm or deny these speculations.

Steve and Jessica never had the opportunity to welcome children, making her loss all the more devastating for him. On August 25, 2022, Steve announced her passing in a touching video titled, “Rest In Peace My Beautiful Wife.” He shared his profound grief and commitment to taking time off to cope with the loss.

Honoring Jessica’s Legacy

Steve Wallis clarified that “Camping With Steve” owes its existence to Jessica. He emphasized that he would still live in a motorhome, working on his documentaries, if he had never met her. While he plans to continue creating content, he announced a hiatus to prioritize his grieving process.

In a beautiful gesture, Steve encouraged his viewers to donate to food banks and homeless shelters in Jessica’s memory, highlighting their past efforts to help those in need. Since her passing, Steve has grappled with depression and anxiety but continues to produce his beloved camping videos. As of now, he remains focused on healing and has not entered into a new relationship.

Jessica Audrey Wallis left an indelible mark on Steve’s life and career. Her legacy lives on through his content and in the hearts of those who admired her quiet strength and unwavering support.




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