Meet Taylin Gaulden – YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s son

taylin gaulden

Is Taylin Gaulden, the 6-year-old son of NBA YoungBoy, an American rapper also known as Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, the epitome of a celebrity child who’s not only adorable but also intriguing? Let’s delve into Taylin’s captivating world and family background.

Taylin Gaulden’s Early Years

taylin gaulden
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Born on March 19, 2017, in Louisiana, USA, Taylin Marquez Gaulden entered this world as the third child of the renowned rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again and his baby mama, Trinia Nia. While YoungBoy’s fame is well-documented in the music industry, Nia remains a mysterious figure, shrouded in secrecy about her career.

The Unconventional Parenthood

Like many musicians in the limelight, YoungBoy’s journey through parenthood has been unconventional. Taylin Gaulden’s birth was a result of a brief encounter between YoungBoy and Nia, which left questions about their relationship status. Moreover, YoungBoy’s previous experiences, including discovering that Kamron wasn’t his biological child, fueled his demand for a DNA test to confirm Taylin’s paternity.

The DNA Test Drama

Amidst claims of infidelity and a foggy memory of their encounter, YoungBoy awaited the DNA test results with skepticism. However, the test ultimately confirmed his biological connection to Taylin. This scientific revelation led YoungBoy to assume responsibility for Nia’s well-being during her pregnancy. Still, it didn’t rekindle their relationship—Taylin remains their sole bond.

Young Taylin’s Life


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After Taylin’s birth, YoungBoy assumed custody of him, displaying a strong sense of responsibility and paternal care. YoungBoy actively participates in feeding and cherishing moments with Taylin, often sharing these snapshots on the internet.

YoungBoy’s Musical Journey

YoungBoy’s rise in the music industry is a noteworthy story. Signed to Atlantic Records in 2017, he released six mixtapes from 2015 to 2017, with ’38 Baby’ catapulting him to fame. Hits like ‘Outside Today’ further solidified his position, and despite a brief incarceration, his popularity soared. With two studio albums and a net worth of approximately $6 million, YoungBoy’s success shines brightly.

Taylin Gaulden’s Sibling Connection


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Taylin may be the only child of his parents’ brief liaison, but he has six half-siblings from YoungBoy’s other relationships. Here’s a glimpse of Taylin’s half-siblings:

  1. Kayden Gaulden (Born: July 4, 2016) – YoungBoy’s first child with Nisha Keller.
  2. Kamiri Gaulden (Born: July 6, 2017) – YoungBoy’s third biological child, raised alongside Taylin.
  3. Kacey Alexander Gaulden (Born: February 13, 2019) – Born to social media influencer Jania Bania.
  4. Armani Monique Gaulden (Born: June 19, 2020) – Another child with Nisha Keller.
  5. Kodi Capri Gaulden (Born: November 26, 2020) – Born to Houston-born actress Drea Symone.
  6. Kentrell Jr. Gaulden (Born: January 9, 2021) – YoungBoy’s youngest child, born from his relationship with Iyanna Mayweather, daughter of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

Taylin’s Near-Death Experience

On June 26, 2018, Taylin Gaulden narrowly escaped tragedy during a car accident involving YoungBoy, Mya (YoungBoy’s sister), and Nia. The Lamborghini they were in lost control and crashed into a tree. Fortunately, everyone survived without lasting injuries.

Intriguing and eventful, Taylin Gaulden’s young life is a captivating chapter in the world of celebrity children. What lies ahead for this charming little one in the spotlight?





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