Who Is Lee Asher? His Girlfriend, Wife, & Gay Rumors Explored

Who Is Lee Asher, the asher house girlfriend

The enigmatic Lee Asher takes center stage in a world where compassion meets adventure. With a heart as vast as the American landscape he roams, this Instagram sensation turned dog advocate has a love life that’s been the subject of intrigue. Let’s delve into the captivating tale of Lee Asher’s past and present loves.

Who is Lee Asher?

Who Is Lee Asher His Girlfriend, Wife, and Gay Rumors Explored
Image credit: Instagram @theasherhouse

The American Instagram sensation Lee Asher is renowned for sharing dogs, lifestyle, and fitness photos on his AsherHouse Instagram account. His journey from a corporate job holder to a dog adoption advocate is truly inspirational. Since 2017, he has traversed over 50 states in the United States in his trusty van, accompanied by his four-legged friends.

Family Ties

Born on August 25, 1988, in Fort Lauderdale, Lee is the son of Louise and Mark Horowitz, a semi-professional magician. He also has a sister named Alexis.

Love Life Unveiled

Who Is Lee Asher His Girlfriend, Wife, and Gay Rumors Explored
Image credit: Instagram @theasherhouse

With Lee Asher’s rise to fame, curiosity about his love life was piqued. Before his popularity, he led a quiet life as a corporate gym trainer, and his romantic partner remained undisclosed. However, things changed after he established The Asher House, an animal rescue organization dedicated to saving dogs.

Contrary to public expectations, Lee is not currently married or in a relationship. Despite being 35 years old, he continues to focus on his mission to promote dog adoption.

Rumors and Truth

In the past, Lee Asher faced unfounded rumors about his sexuality, claiming he and his good friend, Luke Barton, were in a same-sex relationship. These speculations were based on Lee’s reluctance to discuss his personal life and his long-term single status. However, these rumors eventually faded, and no evidence supported the claims.

A Female Partner

Who Is Lee Asher His Girlfriend, Wife, and Gay Rumors Explored
Image credit: Instagram @theasherhouse

Subsequently, Lee’s relationship status changed when he began dating Sydney Ferbrache in 2017. Sydney, an animal lover from Indianapolis, Indiana, joined Lee on his RV journeys, assisting with his work and keeping their personal lives private. Their relationship defied the usual social media oversharing seen in many modern couples.

A Quiet Ending

In April 2018, the couple’s breakup became public knowledge. Despite their silence about the reasons behind the split, it was revealed that it was related to Ferbrache’s ex-boyfriend. Following their separation, Sydney continued her solo journey, exploring the United States with her dog, Ella.

A Nomadic Lifestyle

Who Is Lee Asher His Girlfriend, Wife, and Gay Rumors Explored
Image credit: Instagram @theasherhouse

Sydney has embraced the nomadic lifestyle, traveling to various states and international destinations. She’s visited 50 states within the U.S. and ventured to Canada and Europe, including South Africa. Sydney spends around 300 days per year on the road but still returns home periodically.

Lee Asher’s Wealth

Given his unique lifestyle, many have wondered about Lee Asher’s financial status. In 2023, his net worth is around $3 million, primarily from his social media presence on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Before starting his dog rescue mission, Lee held a lucrative corporate job, earning a six-figure income. He also founded NoLimitFitness AZ and successfully crowdfunded his transition to van life, raising substantial funds to purchase an RV.

Lee Asher’s journey from a corporate job to a dog-loving Instagram star is remarkable. Shrouded in mystery and public interest, his love life has taken unexpected turns. As he continues championing dog adoption, Lee’s story is a testament to following one’s passion and making a difference.





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