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troy dendekker

Troy Dendekker, a remarkable American woman, has captivated hearts with her resilience and love. At 52 years old, she’s known for her accomplishments and connection to the late Bradley Nowell, the iconic lead singer and guitarist of the ska-punk sensation Sublime.

How Old is Troy Dendekker?

troy dendekker
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Born on March 8, 1971, in Columbia, South Carolina, USA, Troy Dendekker is now 52.

Troy Dendekker and Bradley Nowell

In the early 1990s, the beautiful Troy Dendekker’s path intertwined with Bradley Nowell’s. Their love story began while Bradley was touring across the state.

Their love bore fruit when Troy became pregnant in October 1994, giving birth to their son, Jakob James Nowell, on June 25, 1995.

On May 18, 1996, Troy and Bradley exchanged their vows in a Hawaiian-themed ceremony in Las Vegas. Tragically, a week later, Bradley’s life was cut short due to a heroin overdose.

A Second Chance at Love

troy dendekker
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Despite the heartbreak, Troy Dendekker again found love in 2002, marrying Kiki Holmes. Details about Kiki remain a mystery, but the couple has been happily married for nearly two decades.

Their love has brought three wonderful children into the world – two daughters, Erica and Mary Jane, and a son named Rudi. While Troy shares glimpses of her children on social media, she prefers to keep additional information private.

Troy Dendekker’s Net Worth

Although exact figures elude us, Troy’s long-standing career as Sublime’s clothing and merchandise manager has secured her an estimated net worth of $200,000. Her annual income likely exceeds $90,000, depending on merchandise sales. It’s important to note that Troy gained significant recognition through her brief marriage to Bradley Nowell.

Speaking of Bradley’s wealth, his net worth at the time of his untimely death at age 28 remains uncertain. However, online sources suggest he had an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Continuing Bradley’s Legacy

troy dendekker
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Troy’s love for Bradley endures. She keeps his memory alive, sharing heartfelt tributes and acknowledging his music’s profound impact on her life.

Nearly 25 years have passed since Bradley’s passing. Still, Troy and her family remain devoted to preserving his musical legacy, just as Suzette Quintanilla works tirelessly to honor her late sister, Selena.

Documentary on Sublime

In 2019, Bill Guttentag, a two-time Oscar winner, crafted a poignant documentary titled “Sublime.” The film delves into the band’s rise from Long Beach and the aftermath of Bradley Nowell’s tragic overdose.

Premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, the documentary stirred a range of emotions for Sublime’s drummer, Bud Gaugh, and Troy, who continues to carry Bradley’s memory in her heart.





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