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tua tagovailoa wife - Annah Gore is the loving wife of American NFL player Tua Tagovailoa

Tua Tagovailoa, an NFL quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, has won multiple titles and is married to actress Annah Gore. Despite her fame, she has managed to maintain a low profile and balance her career and family life.


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Meet Annah Gore

Annah Gore is the loving wife of American NFL player Tua Tagovailoa. She skillfully manages her career, celebrity status, and family life while shying away from the spotlight since her marriage to Tua.


Born on June 11, 1999, in High Point City, North Carolina, Annah Gore is currently 23 years old. 

A Private Life: Tua Tagovailoa and Annah Gore


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Like her husband, Annah Gore values her privacy and refrains from divulging too much about her personal life. Scrolling through her Instagram, you’ll learn that her birthday falls on June 11, and her parents are Christina, a Realtor, and Gary Gore, a private wealth CEO.

Taking the Name

Upon marriage in July 2022, Gore embraced tradition by adopting her husband’s last name. This significant change was evident on her Instagram profile, where her handle now reads “annahtagovailoa.”

Instagram Official

While their wedding took place in secrecy in July 2022, Tagovailoa and Gore decided to make their relationship Instagram official precisely one year later. They shared their love with the world to commemorate their first wedding anniversary.

“Happy first Anniversary to my best friend and husband! I Love you,” penned Gore on Instagram, accompanied by a heartwarming photo of the Couple in a loving embrace.

Tagovailoa, on the other hand, presented an Instagram carousel featuring Gore radiating joy and flashing her wedding ring to the camera. His caption read, “Never one to put my private life out there. But this one deserved a post. Happy 1st Anniversary to my beautiful wife. I love you.”

Marriage Right Before the Gridiron

Intriguingly, Tagovailoa and Gore exchanged vows just days before the 2022 Miami Dolphins Training Camp commenced on July 26. When asked about this impeccable timing, the quarterback humorously remarked, “It was extraordinary. I don’t know how it leaked… he must’ve been waiting outside the courthouse for an entire week or something.”

Changing Perspectives

Marriage has certainly brought about changes for Tagovailoa, who jestingly announced that he’s officially off the dating market. However, he affirmed that his unwavering focus on football remains unaltered. “That’s the perspective, but same focus — The season and what we got here at training camp,” he declared during a press Conference.

The union of Tua Tagovailoa and Annah Gore has captured the hearts of fans, and their journey together promises to be as intriguing as their on-field performances. Stay tuned for more updates from the life of this beloved NFL couple.





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