Tyler Roby Pippen Mysterious Demise Unveiled

tyler roby pippen

Tyler Roby Pippen was a well-known American celebrity. The second twin daughter of renowned American basketball player Scotty Maurice Pippen Sr. Tyler Roby Pippen died only nine days after her birth. Although Pippen Sr. first refused to recognize the twin girls’ paternity after their birth by his then-girlfriend Sonya Roby, he was compelled to do so when a DNA test revealed otherwise. Here’s all you need to know about the celebrity baby’s birth and death.

Who is Tyler Roby Pippen?

Tyler Roby Pippen is one of Scottie Maurice Pippen Sr.’s twin daughters with his ex-girlfriend, Sonya Roby. Taylor Robby Pippen and Tyler Robby Pippen were twin daughters Born on July 20, 1994, at Mercy Hospital in Chicago. Unfortunately, nine days after their births, the joyful news quickly turned sour for the parents when Tyler, the younger twin, was declared dead in the hospital.

Tyler Roby Pippen has how many siblings?

Tyler Roby Pippen has six more half-siblings from her father’s relationships with three other women in addition to Taylor. The following is a list of all her half-siblings.

Scotty Pippen Jr. Scotty Pippen Jr.
Antron Pippen Antron Pippen
Justin Pippen Justin Pippen
Preston Pippen Preston Pippen
Sierra Pippen Sierra Pippen
Taylor Pippen Taylor Pippen


While some of Tyler’s half-siblings have chosen to live in the spotlight, others have chosen to live as far away from it as possible. Here’s a look at the lives of some famous Pippen kids and what they do for a job.

Tyler died at what age?

Tyler died on July 29, 1994, at the age of 9 days. Although the news was heartbreaking for the NBA star’s fans, neither he nor the twins’ mother have addressed the event or revealed the cause of their mother’s death.

Although her death was heartbreaking, it did not hurt her father’s image since he had never acknowledged her when she was alive. Sonya spent most of her time on her road raising her live kid. And based on Taylor’s accomplishments thus far, she performed excellently.


What happened to Tyler Roby Pippen?

Tyler died in the hospital soon after her birth.

How many biological kids does Scottie Pippen have?

Eight children

Did Pippen win a championship without Jordan?

2 championships

Does Scottie Pippen have a kid?

Scotty Pippen Jr.
Antron Pippen
Justin Pippen
Preston Pippen
Sierra Pippen
Taylor Pippen




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